The Grand Inquisitor – The Demons at MCF

The Grand Inquisitor – The Demons


In the role of The Grand Inquisitor Lydia Koniordou

Direction: Constantinos Chatzis

From Friday 4 October 2019

At the specially configured underground hall of MCF

Plays of the author’s last period and absolute maturity. In the myth of The Grand Inquisitor (part of The Brothers Karamazov), Dostoevsky expresses the agonizing queries which tyrannize him: the limits of human freedom, the will, the faith, the existence of the holy, the beauty, the love, corruption. Our true strength. God-human or human-god? Huge, crucial questions that humankind has always faced. Human as a victim and offender.

In «Demons» the director focuses exclusively on the four-member core of the revolutionists-riots who, like other demons, try to sow the seed of evil in the provincial society, aiming in its destabilization. Their Nihilistic theories are being presented, as well as their utopian views, the tenuous ideological background, and the deceitful motives. Through complex relationships, we watch how each one of them is heading into his own end, as the parable’s pigs.

«These two plays are much more critical these days due to the poverty of the common people, the violence of the exploiters and the provocative actions of various revolutionary groups. Through the evil in Demons and through the denial of Christ in The Grand Inquisitor, Dostoyevsky leads us into deep philosophical, religious routes in order to raise questions and make us deal with issues about human existence and love in an absolute way. Dostoyevsky says: «People don’t like their swamp to be disturbed». The author leads us in painfully dealing with this question, the essence of life and the pure meaning of love». Constantinos Chatzis

The two plays will be alternate presented and every Sunday together. There will be a break between the two plays.



The Grand Inquisitor

Adaptation-Rendering-Direction: Constantinos Chatzis

Set Installation: Lia Asvesta – Constantinos Chatzis

Costumes: Miranda Dempsey

Assistant Director: Electra Kartanou

The Grand Inquisitor: Lydia Koniordou



Adaptation-Rendering-Direction: Constantinos Chatzis

Production Management: Kostantina Aggeletou

Set Installation: Lia Asvesta – Kostantinos Xatzis

Original Music Composition: Aleksandros Mentis

Movement – Acrobatics: Electra Kartanou

Assistant Director: Marilia Mitrousi – Electra Kartanou

Special Make-up: Lila Mari

Actors (in alphabetical order):

Theoharis Ioannidis

Electra Kartanou

Nikos Lekakis

Nikos Manesis

Constantinos Chatzis





Media Sponsor: KROMA Art Magazine


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