KROMA mobile magazine is a pleasure for your eyes, always in your pocket

Our Story

Don't miss out being a part of KROMA Art / Mobile Magazine. It's all about Art!
What's so special about KROMA?

Greece is an amazingly interesting place to be right now. Art is exploding. Meet artists and their perspective in a whole new way. Download KROMA mobile magazine at your smartphone for free, and enter a world of Art and Creativity.

  • Designed for Mobiles

    KROMA Art Mobile Magazine is especially designed for mobiles devices of all screen sizes.

  • Beautiful and Smart

    Design based on high aesthetics, looks beatiful and its interface is just intuitive!

  • Always with you & Free

    It's totally free and you can have it with you all the time in your phone or tablet!

  • Works offline

    Once installed, there's no need for internet connection any more! Works completely offline!

Contact / Send Your Work

Here’s a rough guide: Send us 10 photos of your work, 1 short bio, some funny facts and info about you (small sentences), all the links you want and a greyscale photo of you. Resolution must be high (300dpi). We try not to crop your art, but when we do, we do it in a way that we believe it doesn’t harm your work. Remember! It's a mobile magazine, we present your work in whole new perspective :) Please use a cloud file transfer service like dropbox or wetransfer


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