The mysterious Nikos Dragoumis and Lydia Borgek in Fira, Santorini @ Bellonio Cultural Center

The National Bank Of Greece Cultural Foundation and the L. and E. Mpellonia Foundation present to the public the Nikos Dragoumis and Lydia Borgek painting exhibition, at the Mpellonia Cultural Center, in Fira, Santorini.

The exhibitions, which to date have been presented separately in different cities in Greece, coexist as the works of art of Lydia Borgek [painter and partner of Nikos Dragoumis] A Russian painter from Paris to Greece, compose a thematic extension and [in a way] an integral complement to the Nikos Dragoumis exhibition.


The exhibition is accompanied by a list entitled “Nikos Dragoumis, painter 1874-1933″ with texts of Marcus Ph. Dragoumi, St. Philip. Dragoumi and Nikos II. Paisius.
In the area of the exhibition will show the documentary Cleon Flessa ‘Nikos Dragoumis, a painter in the shadow of history. ”


More info:

Duration: June 15 – August 28

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