Kaplanon Gallery Presents Achilleas Pistonis @Swab Art Fair Barcelona

Achilleas Pistonis’ pictorial language, an idiom produced consciously from the very first steps of his artistic development, is characterized by an almost dogmatic commitment to the endless possibilities of figurative painting, at least in the way the latter has been re-established lately by  the most current efforts of reinterpretation. Indeed, Achilleas Pistonis painting, in the light of an exclusively   anthropocentric expression combining realism with symbols appropriated from a repertory of personal experiences, attempts to formulate from its origins a new model of visual narrative. The structure of his compositions, though utterly laconic, condenses strong emotions, intense intellectual manoeuvres and clinical observation. Human figure constantly prevails, either in the form of self -portraiture or as portraits of his family and friends depicted in their daily routines, always confined in suffocating interiors or within the limits of its own self, isolated, lonely.
In his early works, the alienation, existential angst and intellectual machinations of his figures are reflected on his surrounding space which- through optical distortions and illusionistic games- evolves into an organic part of their identity. Nevertheless, little by little his artistic expression seeks for further moderation, denouncing any superfluous artifice or décor focusing exclusively into the protagonist transforming familiar scenes of everyday life into epic psychodramas primarily thanks to his painterly use of color which becomes his principal narrator in a world where actions defy space, time and gravity.
Swab art fair Barcelona 29/9/2016 – 2/10/2016
Art international Zurich 30/9/2016 – 2/10/2016
With Kaplanon Galleries
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