Group Show @Depo Darm Gallery

This Group Show presents works of painting, mixed media, sculpture and photography as highly representative creations of the personal idiom and the artistic career of associated artists. At the current challenging socioeconomic juncture, where the daily struggle to preserve one’s rights and dignity leads to feelings of solitude and alienation, all human values are sorely tested. The participants in this group exhibition address this situation to varying degrees, presenting dilemmas which urge viewers to question the contemporary way of life and claim back their lost rights and personal freedoms while promoting a sense of euphoria through the conviction of an ultimate mental victory.

“As long as we have faith in our own cause and an unconquerable will to win, victory will not be denied us.” Winston Churchill
The work of Ino Varvariti constitutes a commentary on today’s socio-political developments. Her pencil drawings, faithful to the practice of realistic rendering, refer viewers to familiar images typical of their origins and their past; these images are revived through their own personal point of view, emphasising the importance of narration, subjective outlook and collective memory. In 2012 the artist won the Vassilis J. Valambous Award. She has participated in group exhibitions in Greece and abroad, and her works are included in many private collections and museums.
Photography is a key element in the personal growth, the career and the communication of Alexandros Lambrovassilis in both his private and professional life. In 2006 his need to practice photography led him to leave his native Athens for New York, where he lives and works on documentary, portrait, architectural and landscape photography. His photographic works, including “Hopes, Dreams, and Hard Times” and “Ellinikon”, have been published, exhibited and awarded internationally and are included in private collections and museums.

Well known for her stirring narratives and poetic compositions through a multiple process that involves book-sculpture, drawing/collage, silkscreen and installations, the interdisciplinary artist Christina Mitrentse attempts to awaken the feeling of familiarity with the object as medium, be it a book or an artwork, based on establishing an allegorical correlation with the past. Her works can be found in private collections, museums and public spaces.

Giorgos Tserionis uses a broad range of media such as drawing, sculpture, video, processed photographs and large-scale constructions to create the picture of a society in decline. The imperfections in his anthropo­morphic drawings and sculptures, the distortions and deficiencies as symbols of the ongoing violence we have to face, reflect the attachment to memory and history as a refuge against the situations experienced by contemporary man. The artist’s works are included in many private collections.

Duration 02 JUNE – 15 JULY 2016

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