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“The need for constant learning

is our driving Force”


MÉTA Project is a creative team that was born during a trip. Literally. Photography and video are what brought them together. And they stuck with each other. Ever since, they have been creating like there’s no tomorrow.

Their spiritual child, “Meet the Artist”, promotes the romantic perspective of the artists.

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Maria Ntrougia (MÉTA Project Member)


Maria is living in a continuous spiritual and artistic search. It all started with her 6-month stay in Budapest, where she studied  advertising & art photography and graphic design. She runs nature, cooking and watersports.


“We believe in personal development through sharing

knowledge and experiences with interesting people.”

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Elpida Kontogianni (MÉTA Project Member)


Elpida works in the field of photography and video. She studied in the city of Venice, where she was introduced in the world of art.
Her short film “Kontogiannis Family” was showed at the 10th Los Angeles Greek Film Festival, presenting her family’s agricultural envolvement. She likes international cinema, music, soccer and tennis.
kontogiannis family
She likes international cinema, music, soccer and tennis. Her team members make her feel secure through a strong friendship and a mutual love for food and travelling!
“Art, in times of crisis, can offer strength, ideas and ways out.”

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Georgina Staikou (MÉTA Project Member)


Georgina loves to try new things like karate, kickboxing, water ski, dancing as well as some guitar and vocal lessons. Recently she bought roller skates which she wanted to combine with dancing!!
She has participated in group exhibitions, has photographed for and her work has been published online via the agency

Anna Bardaka (MÉTA Project Member)

Anna has been in Tenerife Fine Arts University, where she brought her personal blog “Peach Anyone?” to life. She has a special love for Art Therapy, a science that combines psychotherapy through the arts. During her annual voluntary work at Brama theatre in Poland, she made a documentary series about Teatr Brama, which analyse the philosophy of the theatre
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Meet the Artist

meet“Meet the Artist” is a means of communication,
exchange of views, opinions and knowledge.”
Meet the Artist (MÉTA Project)
Clic Jewels

clic jewels

I have always liked bags. I was making some of my own. 3 years ago I ended up with this lunch bag design. I have always liked the paper bag and the way it closes.
We use bags in our everyday lives and they can surely become a woman’s purse. You can make it out of any material you want.
This was perfect for me!
I created my first one and I realised that a lot of people loved it, so the whole thing exploded.

Meet the Artist (MÉTA Project)
George Panagiotou

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 2.26.05 PM

Through music you find yourself. But I can only talk about music and music alone. I went through some difficult experiences and music helped me a lot.
I believe that we are all born to become somebody and we work our way towards that. You’re not born with flaws, you’re born with potential. Everything can turn into something good. Never stop becoming a better person.

Meet the Artist (MÉTA Project)
“This is a happy story”
song, promotes the meening of togetherness.
It’s better to be together. Even if sometimes means that we will not go too far.
If people meet in person, imagine the magic, my friend! No matter if it concerns love, professional relationships, family or friends…
With people you walk side by side…”
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