Maria Fragoudaki, KROMA One-Off 001 | Education

Maria Fragoudaki

KROMA One-Off 001 | Education



An innovative visual art endeavor from KROMA.

KROMA Art & Culture Platform launched a new art project, “KROMA One-Off: One Day Exhibitions”, on Thursday October 26th   at 19:00.

KROMA One-Off 001 debuts with visual artist’s Maria Fragoudaki exhibition titled “New York 2013-2015”.

At the same time, there was a free educational program for children, based on the exhibition works.

By taking part in the education programme, children had fun while at the same time developed their skills!

With imagination as a guide, children created their own, unique pieces of art and were also able to take a little “souvenir” home as a reminder of their experience!


KROMA/Photo 09-02-2018

What is the purpose of the education programme? 

The children get to meet, and discuss with, the artist. They hone in on the techniques she used and, guided by their imagination, they get the opportunity to create their own unique works of art.

Using art as a means of aducation, KROMA education, cultivates a relationship between children and contemporary art and consciousness. While involving children at an interactive process of creativity, aims to evolve children’s creative expression.


Read More about KROMA One-Off.001 here.



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