Maria Fragoudaki, KROMA One-Off 001

Maria Fragoudaki

KROMA One-Off 001


KROMA/Photo 09-02-2018,


An innovative visual art endeavor from KROMA.

KROMA Art & Culture Platform launched the new art project, “KROMA One-Off: One Day Exhibitions”, on Thursday October 26th  at 19:00.

KROMA One-Off 001 debuted with visual artist’s Maria Fragoudaki exhibition titled “New York 2013-2015”.

Those who were at Romantso on October 26th had the opportunity to celebrate with us another day dedicated to art and creativity! Our guests left the exhibition having gained precious experiences by devoting one evening away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the heart of Athens, chatting with art-lovers, artists, experts on the cultural field and also Maria Fragoudaki who was there to talk about her artwork and New York experience.



What was the first KROMA One-Off about?

“With the exhibition ”New York 2013-2015” I want to show my work and its progress from my years in New York as a story. I started with completely abstract works emphasising only on colour. I moved on to silkscreen printing influenced by my teacher Donald Sheridan, who was the right hand of Andy Warhol. Under the same influence, i continued to collage and I finished the series ”Superheroes”, where I presented at a solo exhibition in New York.

In 2014, after my residency at SVA ( School of Visual Arts) I incorporated additional elements in my work. Usually a piece of wood placed next to or above the work, giving it a three dimensional shape. Two of the works in the exhibition are RIDE and SEAKOUT which are part of the unit ’Seek Out Giants”.

Later, I started devoting more time to studying various materials and their properties. Here I applied the knowledge from my studies in Chemistry, which I took advantage of in my work. I was either taking materials directly from nature or from hardware stores

Then, my emphasis on colour moved on to materials. This section of my work ”FROM\Less” was also presented at the Jewish Museum.

Also, during the exhibition will be a projection of my live performance at Syntagma and the transformation of the facade of the Great Britain Hotel in April 2017.”

-Maria Fragoudaki

Read More about the artist here


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