KROMA One-Off.003/Dimitris Pantazis/Interview

Talking to Dimitris …

Dimitris Pantazis / Photo by Tolis Argiropoulos for KROMA ©2018

Dimitris, what does the naked body symbolize for you?

The naked body in my painting symbolizes the collapse of the subject’s ideal image. The awareness of events, fears and impulses hidden in the darkness of oblivion is the way to the achievement of individual freedom, a process that is constantly evolving. I try to illustrate this problem with my paintings. Both difficult and painful

Why did you choose to put your works on surfaces with geometric motifs? How do they combine with morality, ideals and the holy?

The equal in size surfaces (paper prints) that I place next to each painting  work individually  to create a relationship of conceptual conflict. The sexuality of naked bodies contrasts with the morality of the perpetual repetition of geometric motifs, linked to the eschatology of theocratic systems.

It’s “Holy” art that artificially overcomes the question of form, with references to a world uncontaminated, ideally constructed away from the perishable. This path [french. chemin], as opposed to a more “clinical” approach of the work, aims to create duplicate derivatives, concluding all of them with the theological problem of Existence [under + Authority: Under any principle of  thought].

What are the messages you want to pass to the viewer?

At first glance what the exhibition suggests is the presentation of two diametrically opposed positions on artistic creation. There is a gap between the two visual proposals, a “gray zone”.  The viewer can think of the disjunctive ligament or completely separating them. But personally, I choose another solution:  binding them and, chosing coexistence and solidarity. The same thing, on a different level, will happen during the exhibition with the significant presence of Spaced Cowboy. Music and painting, sounds and images are united for a holistic approach to art, faithful to the unity of aesthetic experience.

Dimitris Pantazis was born in 1979 in Corfu. He graduated with honours from the School of Fine Arts (1999-2004 / G. Psychopedis Art studio) and the Interdisciplinary Program of Postgraduate Studies of the School of Architecture at the National Technical University of Athens (2015-2017 / scientific field “Architecture-Space Design”).

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KROMA One-Off.003/Dimitris Pantazis/Naked Flesh

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