KROMA Magazine 11 #StayHome Issue

KROMA 11/Spring ’20

KROMA Magazine no.11 #StayHome Issue

🔻 Welcome to our #️⃣ Stay Home Issue 🏠

🎙️ 10 + 1 Exclusive Interviews from artists who were featured in KROMA Magazine’s covers speak about their lockdown. 

Achilleas PistonisSotiris Fokeas, Maria Karahaliou, Rtmone, Dimitris PantazisEvripidis PapadopetrakisAgeliki BoboriGiorgos ChatzigeorgiouStella Kapezanou, Constantine Vraziotis.

We asked them if fear can inspire art. On being alone with their art and if this co-habitation is productive. About things from their routine that were and still are important. What do they see coming ahead? If they had the opportunity to share their stay in the same place with an artist, who would they like him/her to be and what would their days together be like? Which soundtrack best describes their Spring in the city? Do they have a message to the world through their art? They give us book recommendations.  They answer on Museums and galleries being closed. Is Art ever homeless?

Plus an interview with the Slang Network.

🎨 8 Art Exhibition Reviews

  • “Transparencies” by Maria Hajiandreou @Gallery 7
  • “My ships have become worthy of… traveling towards the sky” by Yannis Michas @Gallery Ersi
  • “The Passage” from journalism to canvas by Yorgos Coyannis @Michael Cacoyannis Foundation
  • “Visual meets Vinyl” group Art Exhibition @The Project Gallery
  • “Within” by Brendan Kelly @The Cube Gallery
  • “Flat Drop Fall Flat” by Apostolos Karakatsanis @DL Gallery
  • “The Other Wind” by Christos Kechagioglou @The Cube Gallery
  • “Every toy has the right to break” by Angelos Antonopoulos @Enia Gallery

Artists Dikaia Giorga, Nikos Gouzilopoulos Illustrations, Anna Karatza, Babis Melikidis, Nikos Kokkas + The Slang Network

🔝 Online Shows

During the days of quarantine and social distancing, our timelines are filled with lists of ways to spend our time at home. All sorts of pieces of performing arts are becoming available to view online each passing day. Some older ones are resurfacing and some are uploaded now due to the circumstances, as the creators feel the need to share their work with audiences. Other than the deeper need of expression coming with any form of art, sharing is the primary purpose of performing arts anyway. Take a peek at some of the works you can find out there.

🔗 Digital Culture

Can you experience the great outdoors while staying at home? At least you can try. Taking virtual strolls around cultural spaces has never been easier. Museums around the world are hosts to some great online tours and galleries you can browse from the comfort of your couch. From New York to Barcelona or from Athens to Seoul, you can get the feeling of getting lost in the corridors of the greatest museums while sitting in your room. Here you can get a glimpse of some of the images captured in our strolls depicting the contrast of the inside versus the outside. 

And much more!

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