If you have spare time, love culture and arts, then you surely a part of our team!

Be part of KROMA team!


KROMA works with the motive of love for culture and art.

To achieve the objectives of KROMA, the members of the creative team, our most valuable part, work on all of our actions and cover basic needs of the function of our programs. Depending on their availability and their interests, with the help and support of every member, they gradually become members of our team, acquiring specialized roles.

The main elements of the personality of every member are the will to help, accountability, consistency, the will to cooperate and the clarified and unprejudiced decision to participate in our actions.

What do you acquire/ What do you learn

KROMA gives you the opportunity to take part in real work conditions, improving mainly your professional skills.

To develop your organizational and communication skills, to gather valuable experiences and to feel a part of a strong group of people who help our work to promote art and culture.

Here, you will have the opportunity to use your ideas and your creativity in order to contribute to the improvement of the identity of KROMA, its recognition and the effective promotion of its work.

Finally, at the end of our collaboration, a volunteer certificate and a recommendation letter are provided.

-Education: A proper training and guidance is provided by the Communication Manager and there will be a place for your talents and ideas.

-How much time do you have to spend: 2-3 days/week, 3 hours a day.

Part of the job can be done from your home. Your presence is necessary at least once a week.

-Social Media Editor

You will help us keep our audience informed of all the cultural events through our website and social media.

-Qualifications: Liking to communicate and inform the public through social networks and having a genuine interest in art and culture.


You will take over the photographic coverage of the exhibitions, festivals, cultural events.

  • There is a possibility of a photography project in collaboration with the team of KROMA.

-Qualifications: photography knowledge, handling image and videos editing apps.

-Graphic/Web Graphic Designer

You will help us design forms, images for our social media pages, promotional brochures, communication forms and advertising banners etc.

-Qualifications: graphic design knowledge


Research and analysis of the cultural and artistic events.

Our columnists choose on their own their subjects in order to write about what really interests them. The goal is for every columnist through our website to cover an aspect of themselves and grow as a person. We will be there to help and promote accordingly in order for them to succeed.

Qualifications: Liking to communicate and inform the public and having a genuine interest in art and culture.

Anyone who believes that can help by offering some of their time to volunteer, can send us their resume at

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