Eye’s Walk Digital Festival 2018

July 27, 2018 @ 8:30 pm – August 26, 2018 @ 11:45 pm
Syros | Mytilene
Eye’s Walk Digital Festival

Eye’s Walk Digital Festival 2018

celebrates the Year of European Cultural Heritage.


“100% Human”, Bahar Borna Faraz


We create an expanded cultural experience highlighting European culture through its mixtures and contradictions in two different geographic areas of Greece, in two magical places: Ano Syros: 27th, 28th, 29th of July, Castle of Mytilene: Full Moon 26th of August. Virtual Realiy Installation, Workshops, Video Installation Art & performances are connecting 24 artists from all over the world with the two communities and the visitors in the public space. Eye’s Walk Festival turns the projectors on and illuminates the face of Europe Now, with all the intense social and political problematics that feed our culture.  The water, the inhabitant, the moving person, the refugee, the immigrant, together will forge our artistic narrative, a choreography of life and creation.

“Europe Started Here “: Ano Syros

27th July
8.30pm –
The course of Dionysus comes from the sea, and, with champs and songs, launches the Embassies of the Festival in Ermoupoli and Ano Syros.

28 July: Workshops for children
8.30pm – 11.00pm
: Performances in different spots of the Public Space in Ano Syros by the artists Johannes Gerard, Netherlands, Christophe Beyler, France, Marievi Mastoraki, Greece.

29 July:
The soprano Christina Asimakopoulou and the members of the Orchestra of Cyclades will open and take off the great night of the 29th of July!

9.30-12.00pm : The great night of Video Installation Art is unfolding in the central street of the medieval area. 16 Video Installation Art from the artists:
Emmanuel Tussore, France, Emiliano Zucchini & Paolo Tarsi, Ιtaly, Bahar Borna Faraz, Iran, Theodora Prassa, Greece, Elene Tsamadia, Greece, Moran Been-noon ​ & Aliina Lindroos, Israel & Finland, Russell J.Chartier & Paul J. Botelho, USA, Chryssa Beziriannidou, Greece, Kuriaki Goni, Greece, The Refugee Film Collection: Selected artists: Cristobal Catalan, Amir Kabir Jabari,Florentia Ikonomidou, Daniel Wechsler, Yovista Ahtajida, Aline Biasutto, Wilfried Agricola de Cologne.

“The Eye’s Walk Digital festival in the Castle of Mytilene/Europe in my region 2018 “, Full moon 26th of August at 21:00

“We chose the archeological site of Casltle of Mytilene as the ideal place where the negotiation of the individual with the modern world , its forces and weaknesses can happen safely.” The artworks are bringing up issues for the individual’s position in the modern, worldwide community.
The archeological site, place of memory, insight and thought becomes a place where the past meets the present through the most modern art and digital technology.

The artists participating: Aggelina Voskopoulou/Greece, François Tussore/France (his work «Sirens» was presented at the Pont Neuf in Paris in collaboration with the Palais de Tokyo and refers to the Man’s continued effort to cope with the unpredictable life with protagonists from a fishing village in Senegal where large flow of refugees has moved), Olga Guse/Russia, David Bickley/Irlandia, Florentina Oikonomidi/Greece, Emiliano Zucchini & Paolo Tarsi/Italy, Sarawut Chutiwongpeti/Thaïland, Bahar Borna Faraz/Iran.


Curator: Filia Milidaki
Artistic Collaborator: Ermira Goro
Design: Elisavet Papageorgiou
Production: multitools

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