EMST, a journey to the future

EMST  began its journey to the future.

EMST © Tita Bonatsou

EMST © Tita Bonatsou

If you like to walk around the center of Athens, you will probably have noticed the new look of the FIX building. The iconic building – a point of reference of the city center, acquired its name in 1893 from the proprietary Bavarian family brewery of the same name. After several years of effort, labors, delays and political contradictions, the historic building now houses the only national museum in Athens relating the contemporary Greek and international artistic creation.

A visit to the National Museum of Contemporary Art (EMST) will convince you immediately that a space like this was always missing from the city. It may remind you of exhibitions that you only had the chance to see while traveling in various European cities.

Paintings, sculptures, photos, presentation, collections, dialogues, sound and online projects, innovative and experimental exhibitions reflect the organizational policy of the museum.

The new space offers young and older artists a space of exhibitions, creation, freedom and inspiration, whose existence alone upgrades the artistic status of Athens.

With a sense of a parallel difficult beginning of an art project and a common passion for contribution to art, KROMA feels proud to be a media sponsor of the Contemporary Art Museum. Because sometimes you have to start with what you have, as long as you start. And then, perhaps eventually, you create something great.



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