“Color” Photography Exhibition @Blank Wall Gallery

Myanmar, Bagan, © Alain Schroeder At 7AM during the annual festival of Ananda Pagoda in Bagan, monks line up to receive alms prepared by devotees who have journeyed from all corners of the country. A young monk finds himself stuck in between his brothers in the shuffle.

Our perception of reality and our mood are greatly influenced by colors. It is amazing how colors can change our feelings or our impression on the things around us. Their importance is something no one can understate. They are the stimulus by which our imagination is provoked to create powerful works of art. They are responsible for the beauty around us and their lack never goes without being noticed.


Dog sitting in front of the coloured houses on the island of Burano in the Venetian Lagoon

Participating artists:
Alain Schroeder # Belgium
Antonia Bardis # Greece
Antonio Castilho # Portugal
Carlotta Cominetti # Italy
Chara Gatsiou # Greece
Chiara Gerevasi # Italy
Danai Papandreopoulou # Greece
David Morel # USA
Dimitris Toussimis # Greece
Edward L Rubin # USA
Elizabeth Coetzee # USA
Giorgos Tsigkas # Greece
Harry Longstreet # USA
Jason Freeman # Australia
Judy Mauer # USA
Pete McCutchen # USA
Rachel Eubanks # USA
Sandra Jordan # UK
Stephen Mimms # USA
Suzan Mandla # Canada


Exhibition Duration:
2 July – 15 July 2016

More info: Blank Wall Gallery

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