Hotberg @
Dec 2 2021 @ 4:00 pm – Jan 22 2022 @ 4:00 pm


In Hotberg, her new solo exhibition, Irini Karayannopoulou reflects on female sensuality through a metaphysical prism, while negotiating female emancipation in her own, non-apologetic way. The artist paints directly on the pages of vintage magazines and in old erotic postcards. She then enlarges these images and paints on them again and again until the point of exhaustion. In Hotberg, some images appear as prints, others become animations, while some turn into collages through the artist’s ongoing experimentation protocols.

Hotberg is a celebration. The protagonists of Irini Karayannopoulou inevitably obtain new passports as they undergo new transformations. All sorts of possibilities unfold throughout this trip. Forgotten, anonymous sex dolls of past decades alchemically transform into strong, sensual figures, in new roles indicated by the artist.

In her collages, Irini Karayannopoulou explores the iconography of striptease and gambling. She obsessively collects advertising slogans from Las Vegas casino listings and interconnects them with promises of wealth and prosperity found in the pages of other obsolete publications.

In addition, the artist revisits a series of rare postcards printed in France in the 1950s. She steals the identities of the semi-naked ladies pictured in these tiny glossy cards. She repaints their faces and replaces their eyes with a mask. As she gives them back their anonymity, she enters another dimension and slips into a different moment in time.

Irini’s dark oil paintings of faceless hair torrents blend with masked beings -their connection is almost supernatural. As a valuable part of the artist’s practice, these paintings serve as souvenirs from the state of the unconscious which she often dives into. Hotberg is a poetic transformation of female images that turns the visual unconscious of whoever looks at them into an image.

The short film entitled Hypnothèque (Twin Automat 2021) is a capsule of sensuality where women float in a state between piety and unconsciousness, desire and death. It is a “handmade animation”, a collaboration between the artist and the French film editor Sandrine Cheyrol. The soundtrack of the work was composed by psychiatrist and sound artist Christos Kalafatis.

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The Inside Out Ceremony @ The Blender Gallery
Dec 9 2021 @ 7:00 pm – Jan 29 2022 @ 4:00 pm

The Inside Out Ceremony

Τhe Blender Gallery proudly presents the solo exhibition of painter and engraver Anna Charaktinou entitled “The Inside Out Ceremony”. It is a series of self-portraits, wall sculptures, installations and artworks protected in glass jars.

Having grown up in an artistic family environment, it was almost impossible for her not to follow the same path. Apart from fine art movements, Charaktinou draws inspiration from the tales of the Grimm Brothers, Hans Christian Andersen, German cinematic expressionism, the books of Gabriel García Márquez, Boris Vian, Jean Baudrillard, the poems of Joyce Mansour and other surrealists, theories of quantum physics and sacred geometry. The material that she admires and prevails in her artworks is paper.

Anna Charaktinou, Fragments of Dreams – Tender, handmade cut out paper, watercolour pencils drawing on paper, 63 x 53

Obsessed with the delicacy and lightness of the material and its ability to transform into different shapes and forms, she creates surreal, dreamy worlds with symbolic representations in space. Mystical female figures, hybrids of human-animals, are merged with the personal experiences of the artist, who narrates stories about separations and unions, about death, life, love and birth. Each paper thus turns into a labyrinthine journey, full of personal discoveries.
Her work focuses on the use of mixed media on paper (water colour pencils, ink, pastels) as well as an almost meditative process of cutting it. These fragile dioramas are born as tangible pieces of her imagination and make their presence in our natural world as simple constructions and permeable spaces. It is an artistic practice that can be described as a structured chaos that balances among the geometry of matter and a spontaneous, emotional narration.
A world of dynamic silence that presents the birth of another secret reality, beyond the visible. The structure of her work contains the essence of a dream that happens below the rational surface. It is the uploading of an image, of what cannot be seen with the eyes of logic.

The role of paper functions semantically in her art as it comes from the trees that for Charaktinou perceives as sacred, symbolic beings, since they unite the inside with the outise, the sky with the earth. The relationship of the inner and the outer world in analyzed in the series “The Inside Out Ceremony”, how everything we experience internally interacts and is reflected upon what we experience in our external reality. The creation of those artworks is inextricably linked to the concepts of symbolic Metamorphosis, union, Renaissance and Love. The initial stimuli was her interest in the motif of grid which symbolizes this notion of union and diffusion of ideas. Hence these aerial structures were created, which articulate an almost intangible architectural entity within the space and explore the idea that all living creatures are interconnected and that every element in the inner and outer world comes from the same source.

Specifically, the artist has mentioned that “When something is born right here, the grid vibrates mentally so the idea and the knowledge is transferred everywhere. In a certain way, nature contains a part of us and we contain a part of nature. There is an invisible and inseparable connection between all of us”

Anna Charaktinou, “Fruit of Life – Homage to Courbet”, cut out paper, drawing 70 x 95

Except from the engravings, that originated from her love for the Medieval Art period and having lived in a small medieval village in Germany, where through the experimentation with media and techniques, she incorporates them in her drawings, the series also includes works that are presented in glass. This form of presentation was born out of the need to create three dimensional microcosms, to freeze the moment of dreaming, to capture the fragile paper constructions and their symbolic stories for eternity.

Τhe process ends when I know that everything I wanted to narrate has been said and nothing else fits in my artwork, not even a single paper or a line. From then onwards, the artworks begins its own life, it has been born, it has been completed and I deliver it to the world.  Living now a new life outside of mine, it doesn’t belong to me anymore and for me this is the end. The end of our relationship but also the beginning of its own life. 

 For your entrance you will be asked to present your vaccination certificate or proof of recovery from COVID-19 within the last six months

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RADIUM PALACE @ K-Gold Temporary Gallery
Dec 11 2021 @ 7:00 pm – Mar 6 2022 @ 8:00 pm


Participating Artists: John Baldessari, Lynda Benglis, Lydia Dambassina, Miltiadis Digkas, Mario Fantin, Maro Fasouli, Kata Geibl, Bianca Otilia Ghiuzan, Saskia Janssen, Georgia Kotretsos, András Ladocsi, Kali Malone, Sarah Michelle Riisager, Kostas Valioutis, Bárbara Wagner & Benjamin de Burca, Erwin Wurm

K-Gold Temporary Gallery in co-organisation with the North Aegean Region presents from December 11, 2021 to March 6, 2022, the exhibition “RADIUM PALACE” in Agia Paraskevi, Lesvos, curated by Nicolas Vamvouklis.

The show includes the work of sixteen Greek and international artists (sculptures, photographs, videos, music, performance, and archival material), while its title refers to the homonymous hot springs hotel, built in Mytilini in 1911 as a place of therapyand recreation. Radium Palace was part of an ambitious planning for developing wellness tourism on the island, which had a very short life, as it burned completely after its construction.

The exhibition focuses on physicality and the evolving notion of care through contemporary cultural practices and emotional experiences. It proposes alternative methods of meditation and decompression at a time when technology, especially after the limitations of COVID-19, has significantly expanded the boundaries of the physical body. Finally, itaddressescritical issues that concern the reuse of materials and the re-signaling of established ideas over time.


Participating artists re-examine our perspectives on collectivity and contact, highlighting how art and creativity can exercise a healing force for developing a symbiotic future. Their works explore the relationship between wellness and human ingenuity in the context of social empowerment and communication.


-Saturday 11 December, 19:00 at K-Gold Temporary Gallery: DJ Charalambos Kourkoulis aka Photoharrie creates an immersive musical environment in the courtyard of the Gallery. At the same time, dancer Panagiotis Politis performs a long-durational act of repetitive gestures and poses, interacting with the artworks and the visitors.

-Sunday 12 December, 11:30 at the Eressian Hotel & Hammam Spa: Reading session with visiting artists coordinated by actress Georgia Xirou, followed by relaxation drinks. The hotel serves as a satellite space of the exhibition, hosting selected artworks. Combine your visit to Eressos with a spa treatment at the traditional hammam or a massage.

A bilingual catalog (Greek/English) accompanies the exhibition with contributions by Alain de Botton, John Armstrong, Nikos Lampropoulos, and Maria Tsitimaki.


K-Gold Temporary Gallery was founded in 2014 on Lesvos. It brings contemporary art closer to everyone through exhibitions, performances, publications, and educational programs. The Gallery has presented the work of acclaimed artists such as Joan Jonas, Bas Jan Ader, Lucy+Jorge Orta, Ana Mendieta, Maria Papadimitriou, and Ilias Papailiakis. Recent partnerships include Institut français and Italian Council, while in 2015, it received a distinction as an innovative cultural initiative by Nantes Metropole.

Free admission, only upon presentation of a vaccination or recovery certificate. Visitors also need to provide photo identification. The use of a face mask is required.

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Soil, Water, Air, Fire @ Gallery “7”
Jan 4 @ 7:00 pm – Jan 22 @ 3:00 pm

Soil, Water, Air, Fire


The artist mentions:

“In my work, I am interested in capturing through the materiality that wears out, landscapes that I stepped on as a volunteer firefighter in the past decade.

Scorched earth, lunar horizons, extreme temperatures, landscape non-specific but also timeless, which for an observer may be sea, for another earth.

On this borderline, I create landscapes in which primary and non-primary materials converse, amalgam of painting and ceramics, engraving and burning, breaking and redefining the fragments in order to deepen their understanding.”

Born in Athens in 1983, where he lives and works. Graduate of AKTO (2004) – Department of Interior Decoration and Architecture specializing in Industrial Design and Manufacture of Furniture.

Graduate of the Athens School of Fine Arts (2021) – 1st Painting Workshop and Pottery Workshop with professors M. Manousakis, A. Antonopoulos and G. Alexandridis.

Graduate of Mimar Sinan Istanbul – Department of Lithography & Exhibition and Theory with the Erasmus programme (2020).

He has practiced and organized art activities for people with Alzheimer’s.

He has participated in group exhibitions and artistic activities organized by the Athens School of Fine Arts and by the Municipality of Glyfada and Alimos where he teaches painting. Member of I.T.F. (Athletic Federation Taekwon-Do Greece) since 1999 and of the Greek Volunteer Corps of Forest Firefighters and Civil Protection (2006).


Participation in group exhibitions:

– Vryssaki Museum 2013 with the work “The journey of Doulcinea”.

– Michael Cacoyannis Foundation 2019, 2nd prize for the work “The uprooting”.

– Gallery Felios 2019, Group exhibition of the 5th Painting Workshop with the work “The slow-burning”.

– Eco Festival Water Square, Faliro 2021. Group exhibition of the 1st Painting Workshop.

– ASFA graduates’ exhibition October 2021, with the dissertation “Parallel Losses”.

The exhibition in Gallery 7 is his first solo exhibition.

Tel: +30 210.3612050



Incarnate image @ Gallery “7”
Jan 25 @ 7:00 pm – Feb 12 @ 3:00 pm

Incarnate image

Kallirroi Marouda is a painter with an important career in the field of the Greek art scene. In her latest work, the female body is the central theme, in a series of fifteen paintings that she created over the last decade. Subtle depictions of young women stand before the viewer’s gaze naked, but not defenseless. The artist has shifted the handling of her painting to a new direction: it goes from faithful representation to feelings and ideas with universal appeal, as the art historian George Mylonas mentions. The painting that Marouda loves is created from the inside out. This presupposes a painful process, where the painted matter does not have the unformed element of Lucian Freud’s relevant subject matter, or the fleshy form sought by Jenny Saville. On the contrary, the painting surface in Marouda’s work is uniform, clear of tonal gradations, emitting an inner light. Even the background is directly related to the face, or better partakes in the face, as it emerges in liquid form, while it assumes a metaphysical format, between the boundaries of realism and distant memory. The roots of this place can be found in Zakynthos, the birthplace of the creator. “The fog of the island brought me fear which I managed to overcome – and conquer – through my painting. Now, it’s in my DNA,” she explains.

K. M. was born in Koiliomeno, Zakynthos, in 1956. She studied painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts in the workshop of Dimitris Mytaras, and History of Art with Marina Lambraki-Plaka. She also attended the scenography workshop with Vasileios Vassiliadis. She has worked at the National Theatre of Greece with set designer Laloula Chrysikopoulou. In 1990 she graduated with honors from ASFA and came first for an internal scholarship from the State Scholarships Foundation. Thematic cycles of her work have been presented in many solo exhibitions and she has participated in numerous exhibitions in Greece and abroad. In 2019, her work was presented at IANOS by Kostis Kazamiakis. Also in 2019, Greek National TV presented her work in the show “Other Dimension”. Her works can be found in the Greek Parliament, the National Gallery, the Ministry of Culture, Moschandreou Art Gallery, Teriade Museum, Frissiras Museum, AGET Iraklis’ Collection, the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art of Thessaloniki, and in many municipal galleries, public and private collections in Greece and abroad.


1991: Athens, Artistic Cultural Center “Hour”.” Bright Rooms”.
1995: Zakynthos, Art Gallery of Zakynthos “Landscapes”.
1996: Athens, Art Gallery “Espace Kreonidis”.” Light and Shadows”
2000: Athens, Athens Art Gallery “Rain, Mist, Silence”
2001: Athens, Technopolis, “Works for the calendar of AGET Iraklis”
2003: Karditsa, Gallery “F”
2004: Zakynthos, Art Space “Crypt”, “Landscapes”
2005: Athens, Skoufa Gallery, “Journey”
2006: Thessaloniki, Metamorphosis Gallery, “Sea and Sky”
2007: Macedonian Museum of Modern Art of Thessaloniki, “Dialogues 2007”
2011: Solo exhibition “From the aquarium to the dive” at the Art Gallery “Ekfrasi-Yianna Grammatopoulou”
2021: Solo exhibition “Incarnate image” at Gallery “7”
From 1991 until today she has taken part in many group-thematic exhibitions in Greece and abroad.

Tel: +30 210.3612050