Achilleas Pistonis – Exclusive Interview during the Covid-19 lockdown

Achilleas Pistonis

KROMA / Achilleas Pistonis / Lockdown Exclusive Interview #StayHome Issue-11

So, this is the lockdown. Social Distancing. Alone or with your partner, family or pet. We asked artists who were featured in KROMA’s covers*, to speak about it. We asked them if fear can  inspire art. On being alone with their art and if this co-habitation is productive. About things from their routine that were and still are important. What do they see coming ahead? If they had the opportunity to share their stay in the same place with an artist, who would they like him/her to be and what would their days together be like? Which soundtrack best describes their Spring in the city? Do they have a message to the world through their art? They give us book recommendations.  They answer on Museums and galleries being closed. Is Art ever homeless?

I had never been a party animal myself, so not much has changed in my routine.


The exact moment when fear is experienced collectively, at the same time, the same feeling is born for everyone and this does not change.

At a later stage, when fear is over and can be viewed from a distance, it is then that it can be used as inspiration material.


KROMA / Achilleas Pistonis / Lockdown Exclusive Interview #StayHome Issue-11

 Being an artist for a living, primarily means that one should work alone. so this living together situation is not always productive.

However, what still remains important is the contact I keep with my friends and family It’s how we take care of each other, either via phone or from up close.

I hope everything will be fine and I will carry on working my art.

I’ve tried sharing my personal space with artists in the past several times and results were beautiful, however now isolation is my main choice. Later on, this may change though.

Read full Achilleas Pistonis interview in KROMA Magazine 11 #StayHome Issue Spring 2020.

* Achilleas Pistonis is featured in KROMA Magazine’s cover issue #1.

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Interview: Dora Mastora, English Translation: Lilly Anastasiou, Proof Reading: Dimitra Kalabaka


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