“Two Pages: Nomadic Sketchbooks” @TABYA


The exhibition Two Pages: Nomadic Sketchbooks, organised during the 6th International Conference on Typography and Visual Communication, presents the project Two Pages that since 2012 has brought together more than 360 artists from Europe, Asia and America. Graphic designers, illustrators and visual artists are invited to depict their ideas within the pages of the sketchbooks, building a chain of creative people that has gone through 25 cities including London, Berlin, Seoul, Santiago, Barcelona, Helsinki, New York, Athens and Thessaloniki.

A different city and a specific theme are the starting points of each sketchbook. Participants are then invited to respond visually and make their marks using literally only two pages of the sketchbook. Then, each author takes on the role of a curator by selecting the next participant, creating an unpredictable series of artists who inhabit the same place.

Two Pages started four years ago by designer Konstantinos Trichas and it is centred around the recording, spreading and exchanging of ideas which takes place throughout the hand-to-hand journey of each book. The power of spontaneous, raw and responsive mark- making runs throughout every sketchbook. These handmade marks are intricately linked to the place from which they came, both on a local and global scale.

The project has been graced by established artists such as Jean Jullien in London, Olimpia Zagnoli in Milan, Bendita Gloria in Barcelona, Beetroot and Semiotik in Thessaloniki. Students and emerging asrtists have also participated allowing the project to record fresh ideas and trends that will shape visual communication in the coming years.

Opening: Wednesday 6 July  20:00-22:30

Duration: 10 July

More info: Facebook event

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