Book- Nio One little story Vassilis Selimas

Selimas Nio

Don’t miss this amazing illustrated work from KROMA Magazine’s featured artist Vassilis Selimas!

“Nio was an important chapter of our lives, both  for me and my brothers. She was my father’s aunt. We lived in the same house and for a while we shared the same room. She never married, nor did she travel; her life was constrained at the village. The idea for this book came when I found out she was gravely ill. From that point on, I started recalling stories from her life she had over the years narrated to me, and illustrated them..”

Vassilis Selimas

The book “Nio, one little story” is  a 46 pages illustrated book based on the narrations of Nio (AntoniaSelima)

(b. 1921 d. 2015).


Vasilis Selimas

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