Open Call – FASMA


Invitation for Artists

for the Art Project “FASMA”

Photographer Sofia Dalamagka, in collaboration with the international nonprofit organization for contemporary art and culture “KROMA,” along with “KROMA Magazine,” invite female and male artists to submit their work (photography, mixed media, video, installation, performance) for the art project “FASMA,” which will be held at the venue of ROMANTSO in the first months of 2024.

Artists are called upon to capture, through their works, the spectrum of gender and human relationships, challenge stereotypes, pose questions, share personal experiences related to gender and identity issues, and even denounce abusive behaviors.

The purpose of the art project “FASMA” is to express the questioning of heteronormativity, raise issues of queer visibility and inclusion through creative means, and communicate gender identity that may not necessarily align with one’s biological sex.

This call is open to the entire spectrum of creative individuals who feel that the time has come to initiate a discussion using artistic expression regarding gender identity and the silenced, abused, or distorted diversity. It is a call for universal coexistence, love, and acceptance without labels or prejudices.

“Revolution today is the preservation of tenderness.”
– Chronis Missios

Curated by: Sofia Dalamagka

Organized by: KROMA


Submission Deadline: Until November 30

* In case the final proposal or submission of works is not completed by November 30, you can initially send your proposal and/or the concept you want to create.


Material submission is done via service to the email address:, where the following information should be included:

  • Name.
  • Surname.
  • Their website address and social media profiles (if available).
  • A short text in Word format discussing the theme of their work.
  • Artworks submitted in photo or mixed media format should be named and formatted as follows: NAME_SURNAME.jpg, using Latin characters, with dimensions of 1500 pixels on the longer side and a resolution of 72dpi.
  • Video artworks should have the following specifications: 1080p in .mp4 format and a maximum file size of 150-200MB.
  • The curator will select the artists who will realize the project after evaluation. Those selected will be notified via email, which will include detailed information about the process.
  • Female and male artists whose works are selected to participate in the art project “FASMA” will be required to pay a fee of 30 euros to cover expenses (venue hosting, promotional materials, curation).

ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS: By submitting their participation, artists certify that they have read and fully accepted the general terms of participation.

PARTICIPATION RIGHTS: Participation is open to all creators expressing themselves and creating (both professionals and amateurs), regardless of age, nationality, or ethnicity. The minimum age for participation is 18 years. Participation in the open call is free.

CONTACT: For further information or clarifications regarding the participation invitation, please contact Sofia Dalamagka via email at:

COPYRIGHT: The intellectual property rights of the works remain with the creators. By submitting proposals to this open call, participating artists affirm that they are the creators and owners of the works, have the subjects’ permission, and that the works do not infringe on the rights of third parties, including privacy, misuse, harassment, misleading behavior, disclosure, publicity, or intellectual property rights. Participants in the open call accept the above terms by submitting their proposals.

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