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KROMA has become one of the premier sources for art related articles and information on the field. There are many magazines that can claim this as fact, but it takes a special type of magazine to be ranked as number one in the Appstore charts. We are number one in a variety of countries in three full categories.

Magazines and Newspapers

The first category that KROMA has risen to the top in is Magazines and Newspapers and, as many may see, this is a general category. It shows that KROMA is not only reaching out to people that are interested in the art scene, but also to the general public. In Greece and Uruguay we have reached that number one status in this huge category.

Arts and Photography

Even though KROMA is an artistic based magazine, it is certainly no surprise that we have been able to rise to the top in this category. What makes us most proud is that we were able to do it in 10 different countries including Greece, Cyprus, Croatia, Bahrain, FYROM, Poland, Colombia, Belgium, Uruguay,  and Finland. KROMA magazine has also reached Top-10 in 44 countries, including Germany, France, Australia, Mexico, Russia, Italy, Netherlands, China and many many more.


When people think of entertainment magazines they often think of sports or outdoors magazines that tend to boast a significant following throughout the world. KROMA is making its mark in the Entertainment category as well and we could not be more pleased to be ranked first for entertainment within magazines and newspapers in Greece, Cyprus, Croatia, Finland, FYROM, Uruguay and Poland. KROMA also ranked in Top-10 in 34 countries.

We are so pleased to be able to bring forth such beautiful and inspired works of art within KROMA. We are able to give a voice to those artists that may not have the chance to get their art out into the world and we could not be more proud. We look forward to the future of KROMA and we’re sure that we will continue to grow and become number one in many other countries throughout the world.

KROMA Magazine Highest Ranks - Number One

KROMA Magazine Highest Ranks *Official Stats from AppStore

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