KROMA Magazine 3 | Main feature | THE PROJECT (by Evripidis Papadopetrakis)


12957684_10207741534194044_2602972900276437998_o_low1. Through a wholly handmade practice, (speech, image, typography, bookbinding) in a limited number of copies, a relatively complete use of the language of the etching method is designated. Perhaps that can be the core of the ideas and pursuits that encompasses the entire collection of the projects.

_mg_9615_low2. The container, like an ark, are dominating, stacked, transferring what we have so far considered as facts. Stem shapes, patterns and ideas as a consignment. The path will not be necessarily successful, and the destination may remain unknown.

_mg_9665_670_low3. The periodic table is among other things a symbol for science and humanity.
Mendeleev, created the periodic table in order to organize the elements into groups according to their properties and to see the relations between them. Occasioned by this logic of the organization of primary key data and their further interpretation individually as well as collectively, I replaced chemistry with stem shapes / symbols, in 11 color groups (crescent, triangle, infinity, circle, square, cube, pyramid, sphere, bow, spiral, whorl) .Each of these groups is articulated with (apparently) disjointed images, that actually have common patterns, like twins.

4. The logic followed is a coincidence which creates images by blending together pictures that are practically unrelated, as well as their dialogue, taking into account their common pattern.Here, anthropocentrism, is established through its application (objects), while the symbolic aspect of a few of those objects is quite impressive.

_mg_9455_6005. he woodcut “Anatomy of Symptosis”, portrays an effort of persistent manual labor and thought.
In a joint channel with the rest, other organic areas are mapped and analyzed metaphorically, through another terminology.


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