KROMA Magazine 3 | Main feature | PRINTMAKING

img_20160322_0005_lowPrintmaking is not a traditional medium in the sense of the old; it is classic – traditional and modern, at the same time. It is constantly evolving and is present in the contemporary art. It combines the advantages of the manual labor and the difficult technique, with those of the applied medium (graphic arts).

_mg_0005_450_mg_0020_450In the contemporary art scene of Greece, we are a group of young artists who are trying to overthrow the hitherto close-minded image of printmaking, to get rid of the word handcraft that it is often associated with and to highlight its researchable and austere aspect, as well as its application in the contemporary art. From here on printmaking, along with the authentic book, are put in an entirely new position, turning away from the amateurism and the misconception of the past decades.12376401_10207048766275279_5605880666236991576_n

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