Christos Kontaroudis at Energy Athens 2018

Christos Kontaroudis slightly different



KROMA/Cristos Kontaroudis-MIGRATION-IMMIGRATION-ladi se kamba-zwgrafiki

KROMA/Cristos Kontaroudis-MIGRATION-IMMIGRATION/oil on canvas


Christos Kontaroudis Architect – Town Planner – Painter, is well known for his meaningful Paints. He participates once again in the yearly event ENERGY ATHENS 2018 in a different way than what usually happens in such art events, by most artists who reasonably want to show their new / last Paints.

This time Christos decided to show Paints in his own town, that had exceptional discrimination in International Exhibitions with numerous participants and visitors. So, he decided to exhibit three of his Paints, not so new, but well known in International Exhibitions in Paris. They are the following:

  • Greece today: exhibited , in Art En Capital 2014, Grand Palais, with « Société des artistes Indépendants » Paris.


  • Migration-Immigration: This polyptic paint exhibited twice in Paris. The first time in Art Capital 2015, Grand Palais, at Salon des Artistes Français, Paris, where few foreigners can participate and in addition to that the paint should be accepted by 24 members of the jury. Finally it was nominated for medal. The second time, year 2017 was exhibited at the cultural center “Espace Peugeot” in Paris, under the context of Immigration, organized by «Migrartion».


  • Glory vs Greed: exhibited in Art Capital 2017, “ Salon des Artistes Français, Paris.


He also decided now on to present his new work (shown in the picture bellow) with the title “Crucifixion… another view”




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