Jordi Bertran: Interview

Jordi Bertran: Interview

How everything started

  • My first contact with the puppets was at 6 years old when the 3 Christmas Kings gave a few glove puppies with traditional characters of the Catalan Traditional Theater “Titelles”.
  • I started making representations and games with the puppets for my friends and family members, imitating the puppeteers “Titiriteros” that my father and I were seeing in the park of Ciutadella de Barcelona. But in a little time, they were forgotten in a carton case with other toys.
  • I was 19 years old when I rediscovered the magic of the puppets, but this time they were more sophisticated.
  • In 1977, I founded my own company with the intention of spreading the Puppeteering Art. Thanks to the efforts of numerous artists and collaborators, Companyia Jordi Bertran is now one of the most prestigious in Spain, with numerous national and international awards recognizing my career.
  • The marionetists that most influenced me were: Albrecth Roser from Germany who we’ve had a month workshop in Sevilla with. Harry V. Tozer from England, who helped me a lot consulting me when he visited the Institute of the Theatre of Barcelona. Another great marionetist who influenced me a lot, was Henk Boerwinkel from the Netherlands.

“Charlie Chaplin made me laugh, cry and dream.”


  • Actually “Circus” is like an exercise. A game of setback to my baby years and a tribute to my father, Ferran Bertran, who projected movies of Charlot, Harold Lloyd, Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy and more upon the white door of my playroom where I stored my first puppets. Charlie Chaplin made me laugh, cry and dream.
  • In “Circus” there are references to the movies of French filmmaker Jacques Tati, Federico Fellini and music of Nino Rota. I am also affected by Italian “Colombaioni Family” and by the internationally known Spanish clown Charlie Rivel. In other shows there are influences of other areas of art: The poetry of Joan Brossa from Barcelona in the show “Poemes Visuals”. The music I paint in “Anthology”. The greek mythology in “Narcis”.
  • The workshop will be an introduction to interpretation, with different puppeteering techniques: with gloves, with sticks, on desktop, direct handling and especially my expertise the hand marionettes. The audience is very interested and feel surprise, emotional and fascinated.

Life Motto

  • Always work with passion to transfer your knowledge and teach the future generations everything you have learned by your studies and experiences.
  • If you believe in something, give yourself to it and work, work, work!

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