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When does the creative process begin and what signifies its end? What is the artistic process of each artist?

Through the reveal and presentation of selected artworks from their creator himself/herself, in the form of video, we are provided with an insight into art-making, which brings the public and the artist closer. The Greek and foreign artists who participate in the web series Horizon Line Sessions, were called to imagine themselves at the opening of an imaginary group show, where they present until one piece of art. Conceptually at the exhibition, but actually at their studio, home or a space in the gallery, the artists reveal to the (conceptual) visitors and (actual) viewers the aspects and meanings embedded in their work.

Horizon Line Sessions aims to gibe each viewer the opportunity to peep through the “keyhole” of their screen and to discover the work of the artists, to get to know them better, to understand their creative process, just like it would happen at an exhibition opening. Mixed media artwork, etchings, sculptures, paintings, collages are decoded by the artists that made them, and trigger a discourse on questions regarding the relationships between viewer – artwork, artist – artwork, everyday life – art.

The Blender Gallery welcomes you in this new platform that enables the encounter between the public and the world and perspective of each artist. During the summer of 2020, through the study of selected art pieces, we meet the artists (order as they appear at the series): Thodoros Brouskomatis, Anna Charaktinou, Dionisios Fragias, Emily Gaki, Alexandros Maganiotis, John Valyrakis, Konstantinos Patsios, Irene Pouliassi, Franscesco Casolari, Eleni Maragaki Xiromamou, Francesco Cuomo, whilst the special edition video of George Makrakis will be launched in the context of the Horizon Line Sessions.

In the same way that our gaze is automatically directed at the horizon line, the artists of this digital project, navigate us in their world, consciously reveal to us specific aspects of their work, always leaving space for associations, more questions, as well as for more artistic activities.

Every Tuesday and Friday from June the 16th, at 12:00pm (GMT +3), a new episode of the Horizon Line Sessions is uploaded on our YouTube channel, Instagram profile through IGTV, but also on the Facebook page of The Blender Gallery.

Watch the first 4 episodes below!


Episode #1: Virtual Junk Images | Meet the artist Thodorοs Brouskomatis

Episode #2:The Flourishing Ceremony | Meet the Artist Anna Charaktinou

Episode #3: Emergency Inspiration | Meet the Artist Dionisios Fragias

Episode #4: Thoughts on Eternity | Meet the Artist Emily Gaki

To address a question to the artists, after watching their episodes, contact info@theblendergallery.com and they will continue the discussion. 

For those who wish to read the full presentations of the artists, you can find the transcribed texts here (Greek uncut version) and here (English uncut version). More specifically, click on the episode you are interested in at the Art Projects section on our website to read everything the artist shared with us.

Click here to find the bios of all the artists who participate in the Horizon Line Sessions. You can also find their bios (in English only) at the caption of their youtube episode. 

A digital catalogue of the project will be published once all the episodes are launched.


Video Production: The Blender Gallery
Animation: Eirini Vianelli
Music Production: Polyscope | ΨΘΡ

Some scenes from the episode of Konstantinos Patsios were filmed by Tzortzis Grigorakis and Giannis Eskioglou.

Media Sponsor: KROMA Magazine
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