Visible. The invisible Crypt

March 2, 2019 @ 7:30 pm – March 20, 2019 @ 9:00 pm
The Attic Gallery
Rizospaston Voulefton St
The Attic Gallery

Visible. The Invisible Crypt

Irini Vazoukou

KROMA - Visible. The invisible Crypt - Irini Vazoukou

A particularly important exhibition is being inaugurated in the Attic Gallery (Corfu) on Saturday 2ndMarch 2019, with the new work of the important Greek artist Irini Vazoukou. Entitled“Visible. The Invisible Crypt,” it presents a rich array of her work from the last four years, some of which have already been shown in major exhibitions around Greece. This will be their first showing as a collection, in Corfu, curated by British-Greek cultural historian Sasha Chaitow PhD, herself an artist with an international presence.

The “Roots” cycle, and the “Visible-Invisible Crypt.”

“When I first met Irini Vazoukou in 2014,” exhibition curator and director of The Attic Gallery Sasha Chaitow explains, “I was working as cultural reporter for a local newspaper, and had been assigned to cover her previous exhibition in Corfu. We had already collaborated on a group show I organised earlier that year in Corfu, Art(s) (R)evolutions” (Plous Bookshop, January 2014), and that was when a mutual respect and synergy was born. When I interviewed her for the newspaper, off the record she told me about her new cycle of paintings that were still just an idea, but for which she had settled on the general theme “Roots.” I am terribly excited and honoured that almost 5 years on, I’m in a position to curate and host the creative result of that idea.”

In this cycle of paintings, Irini Vazoukou explores every facet of the concept of roots… the roots of history and mythology where elements of identity are found… the roots that are violently cut off and the pain that accompanies flight and involuntary exile… and moves into the concept of entrapment which can sometimes be a true trap, but can also transform into the gestation of something new. In each case the viewer becomes involved and participates in the painting, because each painting appears to ask a question that begins a dialogue. This sensation is intensified by the soft palette, the ethereal symbolic forms, and the sense of a watery filter being applied to everything, like an aged fresco.

The images await our participation for them to come alive and surprise us. They are not easy images – but they are deeply human, and they do what art is obliged to do: they make us question and they provoke us. As a collection this is an incredibly powerful body of work that raises current questions about modern humanity and the human condition, drawing us despite ourselves into a silent dialogue. Vazoukou is not afraid of asking difficult questions; on the contrary, she sets them deliberately, recruiting all her skills to place us in front of the question, of “what does it mean to be human?”

KROMA - Visible. The invisible Crypt - Irini Vazoukou

About the artist

With Rhodes as her place of origin and base, Vazoukou is extremely active in important artistic circles both in Greece and abroad. This is her second exhibition in Corfu, as in 2014 she had been invited to present her first showing here; “A Life’s Journey” at the Municipal Art Gallery, curated by Maria Melenti. Up until now she has presented her artistic output in 14 solo and two-artist shows, among which: at the Historical Archive-Museum of Hydra; Municipal Gallery of Salonica Casa Bianka; Rhodes Museum of NeoHellenic Art; Stavrakakis Gallery (Herakleion, Crete); and has participated in 120 group shows in Greece and abroad (Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, Egypt, Austria, Bulgaria, Malta, Germany). She has also participated in international Art Fairs: 2018 “Platforms” at Athens School of Fine Art; 2018 Archipelago Project and installation by Raphael Vella in Valetta, Malta (as European Cutural Capital); 2017 Platforms- Athens Centre of Fine Art; 2016 at the 4thInternational Quartenial-Stara Zagora Gallery, Bulgaria; 2016 – Art Athens; 2016 – Art Thessaloniki/ In 2011 she was awarded the 1stPanhellenic prize for painting by SKETVE in Salonica, and she is a member of the Event Horizon group in Athens.

Her work hangs in collections of the Municipal Galleries of Chania and Corfu; in the Chania Museum of Modern Art; of the Historical Archive-Museum of Hydra; of the Vafopouleios Cultural Centre in Thessaloniki; the Rhodes Museum of Neohellenic Art; and of ATE Bank among others.

General Info

Opening: Saturday 2 March, 2019 7:30pm

Duration: until 20th March.

Visiting hours: Tue-Thur: 5-9pm. Fri-Sat: 12-9pm. Sunday: 12-3pm. Closed on Mondays.


Venue: The Attic Gallery, 1, Rizospaston Voulefton St (former French Institute), side entrance, 2ndfloor.




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