Silence Museum

May 10, 2019 @ 8:00 pm – June 29, 2019 @ 4:00 pm
Ikastikos Kiklos DL
6 Akadimias St
Athens 10671
Ikastikos Kiklos DL

Silence Museum

Elias Papanikolaou

10 May – 29 June 2019

KROMA / Elias Papanikolaou / SILENCE MUSEUM 11, 2018, 160x120 cm

KROMA / Elias Papanikolaou / SILENCE MUSEUM 11, 2018, 160×120 cm

Ikastikos Kiklos DL presents the solo exhibition of Elias Papanikolaou titled «Silence Museum».

The director of Group Point Zero Savvas Stroumpos mentions:

«The Silence Museum is the moment of the core explosion, the moment when Papanikolaou’s anguish about human existence and History appears as an expressive waterfall, overcoming aesthetic terms and boundaries that until that time have determined his work. Into the persons-wounds of the Silence Museum the state of human de-humanization is expressed. We have figures at a crossroad, into a tragic era, which, however, insists on repelling the tragic into the cells of the monstrous virtual reality, where every emotion, every movement of psyche is nothing but a product for sale, if it is not just some kind of consumable material.

The Silence Museum as a cry of life and agony, it opens up the way to the bio-political perception of art. The governing institutions, the repressive mechanisms, the dominant imaginary, as machines of alienation and deformation among themselves and the others, are not somewhere out, in general. They penetrate every layer of modern man’s existence, every cell, every breath and thought. Again, however, in this collection of artworks, we do not just have introspection, since war, de-humanization and revolt are two dimensions that do not let our look to be quiet.

Transitional works in transitional times. In the open horizons of the works, Mankind screams for its redemption, it prepares its tremendous return, claiming its vital space-and-time, letting our imagination speak, allowing the utopian look at what is not yet there, but it is closer than ever!»

SILENCE MUSEUM 15, 2019, 70x70cm

SILENCE MUSEUM 15, 2019, 70x70cm

Elias Papanikolaou explains:

«And as you walk down the street hauling everything along, there comes a moment when you hover and seek the meaning, right from the start. You wonder whether you weigh in with this storming, for the humanity, period of time. My personal collection of disappointing moments is already a very powerful kind of material and I have found a way to create a world out of these moments. My world has a name: Silence Museum

KROMA / Elias Papanikolaou / SILENCE MUSEUM 7, 2017, 160x120 cm

Elias Papanikolaou / SILENCE MUSEUM 7, 2017, 160×120 cm

Elias Papanikolaou was born in Athens in 1974. He studied painting from 1991 until 1996 in the Αthens School of Fine Arts under Nikos Kessanlis. His works have been exhibited in 15 solo exhibitions in the following galleries: ARTIO, Zoumboulaki, Titanium, Astrolavos, Melanythros, Cube, Kaplanon 5, Metamorphosi, Ikastikos Kiklos, Syntagma metro station, Grigoriadis Gallery, Ikastikos Kiklos DL and in many other outstanding group exhibitions (group exhibitions in London, Cyprus, New York, Paris, Smyrna, Istanbul) as well as in several auctions. He has illustrated poem collections, music discs, book covers, etc. In 2014 he starts his cooperation with ‘’Group Point Zero’’ for sets and costumes. His artworks are included in public and private collections in Greece as well as in private collections in other countries  (Athens School of Fine Arts, Municipal Gallery of Patras, Municipal Gallery of Kalamata, Municipal Gallery of Agrinio, Moschandreou Gallery,  American College of Greece,  Athens Metro, Heineken Company,  Kopelouzos Museum,  Vorres Museum,  Felios collection, Logothetis collection, Drakos collection, Karelias collection, Oliver Stone’s (American director) collection, Kaan Terzioglu collection, Ali Tanor collection, Murat Arintogan collection and lots of other ones). He lives and works in Athens.


KROMA / Elias Papanikolaou / SILENCE MUSEUM 1, 2017, 120x160 cm

Elias Papanikolaou / SILENCE MUSEUM 1, 2017, 120×160 cm

General Info

Exhibition opening: Friday 10 May 2019 at 20:00

Duration:  10 May – 29 June 2019

Opening hours:   Monday closed

Wednesday – Saturday 11:00 – 16:00

Tuesday – Thursday – Friday 11:00 – 20:00

Admission to the exhibition is free.


Ikastikos Kiklos DL

Address: 6 Akadimias Street 10671 – Athens

Tel: 210 36 46 818-9




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