The Scrambled Papers Theory

March 28, 2019 @ 7:30 pm – May 4, 2019 @ 4:00 pm
ALMA Contemporary Art Gallery
Ypsilantou 24
Kolonaki Athens 106 76
Nikolas Almpanis

The scrambled papers theory

Konstantinos Patsios

KROMA - Patsios Konstantinos - The scrambled papers theory

The exhibition The scrambled papers theory by Konstantinos Patsios will be presented in alma Contemporary Art Gallery between the 28th of March and the 4th of May, 2019. Konstantinos Patsios is featured in 5th issue of KROMA Magazine.

Konstantinos Patsios calls his new work “The scrambed Papers theory”. If the unconscious is structured as a language, the juxtaposition of his “Scrambled Papers” structres a new communication code.  The double meaning of the title is also a word game, an idirect reference ot the Egg, as the conflation of the material in art with the flavour, and as the archetype of creation and birth. “My artistic work has to do with the creation of another body” the artist says.

“There is a psychonalytical dimension and an obsession with the automatic writing in the whole of my work. My work has to do with the random. Every little paper fragment of the city walls and every fragments of moments in my own life are transformed into a surealism that draws its force from the unconscious, adopts its unruly and free structure, expresses desires and fears through the language of the symbols and emerges through the logic of the dream, where everything is possible. 

KROMA - Patsios Konstantinos - The scrambled papers theory

Louiza Karapidakis, the art historian, writes about the exhibition: “Konstantinos Patsios presents the latest unit of his works, mainly collages with combined techniques and overpaintings. This time he chooses large canvases. Thus, he has the opportunity to make good use of his morphoplastic values,  skillfully combining ready pictures with his own interventions and compositions. He insistently uses recognizable motifs from classic works of the history of art, giving them new descriptive value through his additions and fusions.

People, landscapes and symbols, recognizable or insinuated ones, are enriched with his painted interventions and make historical references, invent commentations or create symbolic allegories. There are also plenty of autobiographic elements he gives, even using personal objects as points of reference and journal. The expression he uses himself to characterize his work is “submersion to the unconscious” because he systematically repeats the black element as an expression of the unconscious, the dream, the total void, the end, the death. It is also a tribute to the German romantic artists of the 18th century, sho brought to light unconscious phenomena, such as repressed emotions, automatic skills, hidden fears and desires. Patsios, with his recognizable writing, continually shapes new, timeless realities turning them into impressive visual formulations with multi-dimensional content”.

KROMA - Patsios Konstantinos - The scrambled papers theory

About the artist

Konstantinos Patsios was born in Athens, in 1977. He studied Economics and Law in the University of Pireus and in the Grand école de commerce in Poitiers, France. Later he studied painting at Athens School of Fine Arts with professors G. Psychopaidis and M. Spiliopoulos, sculpture with N. Tranos and then he continued his studies at Rhode Island school of design, Providence, U.S.A.

He has had 8 personal exhibitions and has participated in severla collective ones in Greece and abroad. We are mentioning selectively: “The lost Parthenon” , personal exhibition, curated by Leoni Gavria, Gallery Melkart Paris, (April 2016). “Μedea” personal exhibition, Positions art fair Berlin, Alma gallery (October 2015). “The Twisted Odyssey“, personal exhibition Underdog gallery, curated by Michaela Vergoti, London (june 2015), Blender gallery, Athens (April 2015), “The Divine Comedy“, Fizz Gallery, personal exhibition, curated by Alexios Papazaharias, Athens (April 2010). ReMap 2,Sugar Mao” curated by Marina Fokidi, Athens (2011).

KROMA - Patsios Konstantinos - The scrambled papers theory

General Info

Opening: Thursday 28th March, 19:30

Duration: 28/3 – 4/5/2019

Curated by Louisa Karapidaki

Contemporary Art Gallery

Managing Director: Nikolas Almpanis
Art Director: Almpani Maria

Address: Ypsilantou 24, Kolonaki
Athens 106 76

T. +30 211 400 3160
F. +30 211 400 3160
M. +30 693 680 7660
Karanasiou 13
Trikala 42100
GreeceT. +30 24310 74586
F. +30 24310 74586
M.+30 697 77 15 842Site

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KROMA - Patsios Konstantinos - The scrambled papers theory

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