Nikos Samaras “Mirage” Solo Exhibition

May 17, 2019 @ 8:00 pm – July 20, 2019 @ 5:00 pm
DL Gallery
55a Mesologgiou str
18545 Piraeus
DL Gallery
+30 210 463 1933

Nikos Samaras





DL Gallery presents on Friday 17 May 2019 the solo exhibition of Nikos Samaras titled « Mirage ».

Alexios Papazacharias and Giorgos Alexandros Samaras note:

” Nicos Samaras lives and works in Larissa. He studied Fine Arts in Cluj-Napoca, Romania and Florence, Italy. Since the 1980s, video, installations and, above all, painting are the means the artist uses to produce works that negotiate history and creation as two interrelated events. History provides him with images, while creation with visuals. Living away from the two artistic “centres” of Greece, he was fortunate to observe the arts scene without rivalry.

The evolution of his work, bold and overturning, leads him again and again into painting as a permanent question and as a dynamic response. The series of paintings presented in the exhibition is a selection of works of the last two years. During this period, Nicos Samaras systematically studied the modern architecture and the enigmatic metaphysical painting of the first half of the last century. In his works, parts of modern architectures are reflected and replicated. It is patterns rather than landscape that emerge us a result, seen from a design point of view.

The color, however, free of repeatability limitations, points out again the features of depth and perspective. The colors of his palette are not totally marked as strongly apart from some non-repeating exceptions. Their placement in the composition is mainly based on tonicity and then through opposing or complementary combinations, ending seemingly unrelated to anything realistic. Different tones allow the pattern to regain the sense of depth and negotiate the space within a kaleidoscopic image that looks more organised than psychedelic “.




Nicos Samaras explains:

” In my work there is always the reference to space in its real dimension or as a scenario for the future. Mirage is the title of this new series of works, and at the same time the starting point, the condition starting from which the viewer is transported through a series of dynamic scenarios. At the same time, the bold use of perspective intended as optical distortion, the game of the inside with the outside, of the light with the shadow, the alternation of the empty spaces and solid shapes re-construct a three-dimensional space that simultaneously carries elements of the past and the future.

Floating environments are being developed into a new structure, that have both natural and unnatural features at the same time. The strong geometric elements extend as reference to the monolithic column used by S. Kubrick in Space Odyssey to raise the question of existence both for the man of the future as for his ancestors, giving a timeless dimension to this question.

In the Mirage series, the space opens in any direction, creating a three-dimensional dynamic structure, being dislodged of its shell reveals what is contained, bordering as bold as conciliating way time through a progressive process that gradually reveals itself “.




General Info 

Opening:  Friday, 17 May 2019 at 20:00

Duration:  17 May to 20 July 2019

Opening hours: 

Wednesday – Saturday 12:00 – 17:00

Thursday – Friday 12:00 – 19:00

Free Admissions

KROMA/DL Gallery

DL Gallery

Address: 55a Mesologgiou str, 18545 Piraeus

Phone: +30 210 463 1933




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