Hot Shots & Skoobmania

October 26, 2019 @ 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Aristofanous str. 105 54 Psyrri – Athens GR
0030 210 3214994

Hot Shots & Skoobmania

by Christina Mintretse



Christina Mitrentse, London-based, Greek artist and educator, is known for constructing narratives and poetic ensembles of idiosyncratic institutions such as schools, libraries, museums, through manifold processes of vintage book-sculpture, drawing, collages, screen-printing, and productions of site-specific installations.

“The entire provocative collection of “Wounded Books”-an on-going sculptural series, conceived and executed by Mitrentse in 2007 is presented here. Books shot with a Winchester 4.8 Caliber Rifle, under licensed conditions. Titles selected from the Wiener Archive London, reflect the damage done to humanity, the genocide and the loss of material knowledge. Penguin & Pelican collectible vintage books referring to hot Ideologies, Greek political texts published by PATAKI, linguistics, art books, and historical logs. These injured volumes have the solemn air of bibliographic relics, books that have been laid to rest, codexes whose pages support content that has become epistemologically fossilized. Here a bullet hole is as telling as an ISBN or shelfmark. Their ‘deaths’ also indicate that the book be it fact or fiction, is a foot soldier in the never-ending war of ideas, by means of which humanity evolves”.   


“Bibliophiles” is a unique series of collages, using residual parts from the ‘Wounded pages’ ephemera and collectable material, from Mitrentse’s archive gathered in London with their seductive dog-eared color corners becomes Mitrenstse’s trademark gesture.  They span a broad range of topics, from everyday life, history, and architecture, frequently borrowing from old textbooks and illustrations. Mitrentse brings back the traditional collage technique using text and image in a fresh new look, referencing Carl Switzer, Eduardo Paolozzi, and Joe Tilson amongst others. 

 “Home Is the Net” and “No €-scape” are titles attached to new “Bookscapes”. Mitrentse transforms actual hard backs from her ongoing “ATML – Bibliographic Data Flow” into colorful canvases. These surfaces re-call abstract impressionism, and further explore post-internet text based “Landscapes”, in particular how the digital world seems to function as a referee between humans and nature. They imply a parallel between the unstable logistics of both scriptorium and “E-scapes” lifestyle, digital literature and the post-human internet, where copying errors were and can be transmitted virally.  A selection of Mitrentse’s popular handcrafted “Mushroom Sculptures” and the “Neo-Classical Shrine” a new handcrafted pedestal alluring us in to drink from an old Greek vessel, are also featured in the exhibition.

Words by Michael Hampton, Arts Writer, Art Monthly London 


Christina Mitrentse is a multidisciplinary artist, freelance curator and educator based in London since 2000. She has exhibited extensively in solo exhibitions and group shows in galleries, museums and public spaces over the last twenty years, including: Tate Modern, The Royal Academy, ICA London, PIAF Art Fair, Brussels Art Fair, London Art Fair, Art Fair Rotterdam, Liverpool Biennial UK, XV Biennale de Mediterranea, 2nd Bodrum International Biennial Turkey, NDSM- Werf Amsterdam, MOMUS State Museum of Modern Art, Jewish Museum of Greece, Hackney Museum, Nadine Feront Gallery, Dalla Rosa Gallery, The Stephen Lawrence Gallery, Central Booking NY, The Centre for the Book Arts NY, San Francisco Center for the Book, California, Drop -Hiroshima, Japan, Rise Berlin, Helsinki Contemporary Gallery.

Her work has been profiled in major publications such as The Word Is Art Thames & Hudson, and “Unselfmarked” re-defined the Artists Book. Mitrentse’s artworks can be found in major private & public collections such as  WWW foundation, MOCA London, Senate House, Book Arts UWE, LCC, (UAL), Women’s Art Library Goldsmiths University, Book Art Centre NY, the National Library in Baghdad, Jewish Museum of Greece, Fine Art Society London, Greenwich Council, Sill Library Bath, Mol’s collection Holland, Tate Archive, Penguin Collectors Society, Griechische Kultustiftung Berlin, M. Altenman NY, Onassis Foundation, MOMUS, Benaki Museum, MIET foundation, Venizelos Airport Athens.

General Info.:

Exhibition opening: Monday, September 23rd,  20:00 – 22:00

Exhibition duration: September 25th – October 26th, 2019

Opening hours: Wednesday – Friday 14:00 – 20:00 pm. & Saturday 12:00 – 4:00 pm.

Monday, Tuesday, Sunday closed.

Address: 20 Aristofanous str., Psyrri, 105 54 Athens 

Tel.:  210 3214 994




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