Heart Factory

Heart Factory

A collaborative art project about the disease of love


Are u in love? Broken-hearted? A butterfly or an eternal pessimist? Whatever your circumstances, this year don’t be heartless. This Valentine’s get a heart.

February 14: Valentine’s Day. A day dedicated to love. A day many love but many more love to hate.

Some yearn to officially celebrate their love, while others fall into depression for the lack of love in their life. Some cease the day to express their feelings, while others mourn a lost love. Some exchange gifts, while others are sad and lonely.

Love: a disease that brings us to extremes; Extreme joy and extreme despair. Its dark side is usually the most intense, responsible for an array of ill outcomes, from suicide to global wars but it is also the trigger of noble inspiration for artists of all kinds.

Artists Alexandra Kollaros and Dimitris Liossis – former childhood sweethearts and art-schoolmates – reunite to investigate love and its various effects on the heart. The odd couple documents its findings in a series of allegorical works: a collection of sculptural resin hearts, encompassing all imaginable love-related feelings.
Happy hearts, sad hearts, broken hearts, hearts of stone, bankrupt, sell-out, bright, closed, pink, dark hearts , and on and on. Upwards 400 hearts, each one being unique, each one having its own nuances, just like the heart of each and every one of us. The hearts celebrate or exorcise – depending on one’s point of view – love and diversity and urge us to love ourselves, no matter what our circumstances.

The creative process was painful and ridden with an element of unpredictability, due to the material’s nature, but at the same time rewarding, with each piece being individually handcrafted and precious. Just like love.

The hearts promise to bring you luck and improve your love life over time. For best results it is recommended to get several hearts. For the ones you love, for that special person or for that even more special person: yourself.
Big hearts, medium and small ones – one of them has your name on it.

Heart factory launches with a one night pop-up show & party on Friday 14 February, in an undisclosed location in Athens, Greece. To get the full information and a place on the guest list you must register your interest online: http://alexandrakollaros.com/get-a-heart/

About the artists

Alexandra Kollaros is active in the art world under many capacities and has a 360 approach to art: from creating artworks to curating exhibitions, from promoting cultural activity to collecting, and everything in between. She is the founder of the «artAZ» art platform and author of «Greek Art from A to Z» (Key Books), the best-selling book she has also illustrated herself. She believes art belongs to everyone and is on an ongoing mission to bring it to the masses.

Dimitris Liossis has a multileveled art practise and is prolific in several disciplines: from painting to photography, to public art and interactive installations; he is also one of the first generation Greek street artists. He is currently focusing on large scale sculpture. For Dimitri creating is a need that drives from within and art is about sharing one’s thoughts and feelings.
Both artists were born in Athens, studied Art & Design in London, and currently live and work in Greece.

Parallel to art they have a keen interest in travelling, sports, personal growth and the world that surrounds us.

@alexandrakollaros – @art_dimitrisliossis

 The Heart Factory pop up show & party is sponsored by the new, anniversary wine of Boutari Winery: “Moschofilero Boutari Cuvée Speciale 2019”.




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