“From Darkness to Light”

November 1, 2018 @ 8:00 pm – November 24, 2018 @ 3:00 pm
ArtZone 42 Gallery
Vasileos Konstantinou avenue
Georgina Theou
+30 210 7259549

“From Darkness to Light”

Fanis Kapsalidis and Panos Bakas


Panos Bakas


ArtZone42 Gallery proudly presents the joint exhibition of the acclaimed artists Fanis Kapsalidis and Panos Bakas, titled “From Darkness to Light”. The individual artistic expression both artists can reasonably be described as ‘dark’ even though, at first sight their work differs in technique and color palette.
In the artwork of Panos Bakas black and earthly shades are dominant, whilst a “dark” and ironic mood is revealed through intense color contrasts in the artwork of Fanis Kapsalidis. Both artists are significantly inspired by their surroundings, personal experiences and cinematic scenes of science fiction.


Panos Bakas

The oil paintings of Panos Bakas portay urban landscapes with people who give the impression of having being unleashed by Munch’s legendary “The Scream”. The people in his canvas are almost as if they have accepted their fate and dwell in an environment that literally chokes them. They stand thinking about what could be reversed in the future knowing very well that what nourishes also destroys.

Fanis Kapsalidis, encompassing a distinct “cartoonish” style, creates imaginary scenery and portraits on wooden pallets, framed and sculpted with complementary symbol-icons. Society, religion and consumerism are concepts that concern him often. In all his work a female eye is present and observes almost confined, as a symbol of power and challenge, the integral part of a surreal reality.


Fanis Kapsalidis



Fanis Kapsalidis was born and works in Athens. His professional relationship with art counts numerous years and has in his resume multiple solo and group exhibitions. Utilizing intense color contrasts, his paintings can be characterized as multifaceted surrealist collages, playful from a viewpoint, yet ironic when being deeply observed. Fanis Kapsalidis is also a widely known tattoo artist applying a broad range of styles and techniques.

Panos Bakas was born in Athens and has undertaken years of art courses specializing in oil painting. An intense existential dimension is evident in his work. He focuses his interest both on the object as well as on the shadow surrounding it, aiming to unveil the indelible secret of their relationship. He has participated in group exhibitions and many of his works are currently in private collections. He lives and works in Athens.


Fanis Kapsalidis

Gallery Info:

Opening: 01/11/2018 at 20:00

Duration:  01/11/2018 – 24/11/2018

Exhibition opening hours: 

Τuesday – Thursday – Friday : 15.00 – 21.00

Wednesday & Saturday : 11.00 -15.00

Admission: Free

ArtZone 42 Gallery

Address: Vasileos Konstantinou avenue, 42

Tel.: +30 210 7259549




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