Face Forward …into my home

November 9, 2018 @ 11:00 am – December 9, 2018 @ 7:00 pm
Municipal Exhibition Space
Pier 1
Thessaloniki Port
EMST | National Museum of Contemporary Art
+30 211 1019000

Face Forward …into my home



Following its first successful presentation in Athens and its warm reception in Heraklion, Crete, the interactive art project Face Forward …into my home is hosted in Thessaloniki and is introducing the public to the faces and stories of 26 refugees and asylum seekers who have been forced to leave their homelands and are rebuilding their life in Greece.

Face Forward …into my home includes storytelling workshops inspired by a selection of contemporary artworks from the collection of the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens (EMST), the photo shooting of portraits, and an exhibition with photo portraits and recorded personal stories of refugees and asylum-seekers who are now living in Greece. All participants of Face Forward …into my home are benefitting from ESTIA, the Emergency Support To Integration and Accommodation programme implemented by UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, in collaboration with the Greek Government, local authorities and NGOs, and with the funding by the European Commission.

The exhibition in Thessaloniki is organized with the support of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, the REACT programme and the 59th Thessaloniki International Film Festival.

Face Forward …into my home consists of the following three phases:

Phase I: Storytelling Workshops

Βeneficiaries of the ESTIA programme are invited to share feelings, memories, hopes and aspirations, inspired by artworks from the EMST collection. Using these as a starting point and as a stimulus to explore contemporary social issues, including forced migration, social integration, cultural exchange and social interaction, the participants create autobiographical stories that reveal moments from the past, build personal narratives about the present, and make plans for the future.

Phase II: Photographic Portraits

Based on the narratives that unfold during the workshops, photographic portraits depict the refugees and asylum-seekers in their daily life in Athens. Accompanied by the stories, the portraits shed light on each person’s unique character. At the same time, both photographs and stories reveal the “human face” of the refugee plight and remind us of the things, emotions, feelings that connect us all – our common humanity.

Phase III: Exhibition of Photographic Portraits and Personal Narratives

The personal narratives and photographic portraits will be presented at the Municipal Exhibition Space (former military warehouse), Pier 1, at the Port of Thessaloniki from 9 November to 9 December 2018. The works from the EMST collection that prompted the narratives will be also presented in digital form in the exhibition space, in addition to a short documentary video of the whole project.

As part of the exhibition, educational programmes for students of all ages will be organized in cooperation with the State Museum of Contemporary Art and the Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network.


National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens (EMST)

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency

Financed by the European Commission

 General Direction

Katerina Koskina, Director of EMST

 Exhibition curators / Idea-Implementation of the project

Μarina Tsekou, Education Curator EMST

Ioannis Vastardis, Photographer

 Architectural study / on site supervision

Μaria Maneta, Architect – Engineer

General Info: 

Opening: 10/11/2018 at 18:00

Duration: 9/11/2018 – 9/12/2018

Opening Hours: 

Wednesday – Sunday: 11.00 – 19.00

Monday – Tuesday: closed

Admission: Free

EMST | National Museum of Contemporary Art

Address: Kallirrois Avenue & Amvr. Frantzi Str – Athens

Tel: +30 211 1019000




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