Art Group Exhibition “Exposing Violence”

November 6, 2019 @ 7:30 pm – November 30, 2019 @ 5:00 pm
Tsichritzis Foundation of Fine Arts
Kassaveti 18
Tsichritzis Foundation of Fine Arts
+30 210 80 19 975

“Exposing Violence”


at the Foundation of Fine Arts Tsichritzis 


KROMA / Exposing Violence / Yiannis Yigourtakis

Exposing Violence / Yiannis Yigourtakis

Duration:  6 – 30 November 2019

The exhibition is curated by Art historian Olga Latousaki, while Dimitris Lazarou is responsible for the concept, organization and communication of the exhibition.

The exhibition has a message of support from the organization “TO HAMOGELO TOU PAIDIOU – The Smile of the Child“.

59 contemporary artists exhibit paintings, sculptures and photography, exposing VIOLENCE in the eyes of viewers.

KROMA / Exposing Violence / Aggeliki Kostalou

Exposing Violence / Aggeliki Kostalou

Art historian Olga Latousaki states in her text for the exhibition:

“From school and work to the street and the fields, behind closed doors and into condemned human relations, violence puts its gloomy stamp on indefinitely marking optimism and innocence. It takes only a few moments for one to pass from the shore of joy and carelessness to the nightmare of fear and humiliation. Annihilation often accompanies victims for the rest of their lives, and few are the luminous exceptions of people who, with power and determination, are able to heal deep wounds completely, whether physical or psychological.

But what reason exists for an art exhibition to deal with violence by giving it weight and substance? The answer is that art can not only entertain and give delight, but also has the power to raise questions and awaken consciousness. So, by exposing works in space, we are not just creating an art exhibition but at the same time exposing, in the negative sense of the word, violence, literally illuminating all its dark sides. The exhibition’s 62 contemporary works of art are 62 thunderous voices against violence in all its forms, obvious or hidden behind doctrines and distorted ideas.

The spirit, then, against violence may be its greatest threat: a battle fought by artists, their work, and therefore by the everyday people who are motivated and take a clear position against it. The enormous power of anti-violence art can work accurately to the extinction of this mentality and make us truly believe in a world free from oppression and phobias, giving way to dreams and hope. ”

KROMA / Exposing Violence / Fedra Ritoridou

Exposing Violence / Fedra Ritoridou

The participating artists are:

Christina Pancess, Christine Abou Negm, Kim Roberts, Lydia Z., Zaxaroula Bongard, Christina Angela, Athanasia Agorastidou, Nektarios Antonopoulos, Elena Arsenidou, Dimitris Asteriou, Liza Merlin Vassilatou, Niki Vassilopoulou, Evangelia Vekiaropoulou, Niki Gargalianou, Yiannis Yigourtakis, Sotiris Gioldasis, Kostis Daras, Vassiliki Dimitrakou, Alexandros Emmanouilidis, Ilia Liakakou Theofilidou, Manolis Kaloudas, Yiannis Kaminis, Maria Karageorgiou, Maria Karassavidou, Stella Katergiannaki, Christina Katergiannaki, George Kevrekidis, Georgia Kokkini, Iakovos Kollaros, Nina Kotamanidou, Mina Kouzouni, Marina Koutsospyrou, Angeliki Kostalou, Lina – Irakleia Thanou – Barba, Eleni Louki, Keli Mela, Niki Michailidou, Kostas Bardosas, Theodoros Brouskomatis, Maria Darla, Anastasios Nyfadopoulos, Othon Xenikoudakis, Olga Xithali, Sotiris Papagiannis, Christos Papagiannopoulos, Aspa Papalexandri, Eva Parsotaki, Yiannis Petrou, Fedra Ritoridou, Yro Roussi, Anastasia Zoi Souliotou, Maria Stamati, Madalena Tani, Georgia Touliatou, Dimitra Fakarou, Thomais Feka, Senti Haniadaki, Maria Harkoutsi

KROMA / Exposing Violence / Christina Angela

Exposing Violence / Christina Angela

The exhibition is accompanied by a 32-page catalog, which is FREE!

On Saturday, November 30, the last day of the exhibition at 2 pm, a lecture for VIOLENCE will be organized by TO HAMOGELO TOU PAIDIOU (The smile of the child).

KROMA / Exposing Violence / Maria Darla

Exposing Violence / Maria Darla

Concept – Organization – Contact: Dimitris Lazarou

mail: //

Curator: Olga Latousaki

Exhibition’s video and radio spot edited by: Tasos Petsas (Tasos P. Music)

The instrumental composition “Give High Love” that accompanies the exhibition’s video and radio spot is by creator Tasos Petsas.

Translations into English: Maria Sirri

Creative – Publishing: Sofia Papadopoulou


KROMA / Exposing Violence / Anastasios Nyfadopoulos

Exposing Violence / Anastasios Nyfadopoulos

General Info

Exhibition opening: Wednesday, November 6, 2019 at 7:30 pm – 10:30 pm

Exhibition duration: 6 to 30 November 2019

Hours: Tuesday to Saturday: 10am – 5pm

Sunday – Monday closed

KROMA / Exposing Violence / Theodoros Brouskomatis

Exposing Violence / Theodoros Brouskomatis

Foundation of Fine Arts Tsichritzis

Address: Kassaveti 18, 145 62 Kifissia

Tel.:  (+30) 210 80 19 975



Facebook Event

KROMA / Exposing Violence / Lydia Z.

Exposing Violence / Lydia Z.

Media Sponsor: KROMA Magazine

KROMA / Exposing Violence / Georgia Kokkini

Exposing Violence / Georgia Kokkini


KROMA / Exposing Violence / Kim Roberts

Exposing Violence / Kim Roberts

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