Eirini Papadimitriou “Memories”

April 9, 2019 @ 10:30 am – May 11, 2019 @ 7:00 pm
Gallery 7
20 Solonos Str.
Athens 106 73
Gallery 7
+30 210 36 12 050

Eirini Papadimitriou



KROMA/Eirini Papadimitriou, Memories


Imagination is the vehicle in which the artist
Eirini Papadimitriou is moving in order to
approach and capture the world she remembers in a
poetic manner.

The facts that she recounts are inspired from
personal and universal histories that we have all
experienced. She generates histories fragmentary
like in dreams or flash backs of the past that
suddenly enlightens our everyday life.

She selects as protagonists the heroes of our
personal and collective unconscious, children and
adolescents. She rarely presents adults by their
side. Adults that she introduces to us they
mirror their arrow finger strained to the
notebook or protectively hugging their social
super ego”

– Lida Kazantzakis

KROMA/Eirini Papadimitriou, Memories 2

E.P. was born in Larissa in 1981. She studied painting at ASFA from 2001 to 2006.She has participated in a number of group exhibitions. Some of them are: in 2016 “Lob art Festival” in Naoussa, in 2008 “ new arrivals” in gallery “Ekfrasi” in Athens, in 2008 “Picture Space Action 2” in Tehnopolis Gazi in Athens and in 2007 “4th Biennale ASFA” crete at metro station Sintagma in Athens and Toronto Canada. In January 2016, she made her first solo exhibition at “Gallery 7”, with the title “Another look”

General Info

Opening: 09/04/2019

Duration: 09/04/2019 – 11/05/2019

Free Admissions

Event Website

KROMA/Eirini Papadimitriou, Memories 3

Gallery 7

20 Solonos Str., Athens 106 73

T.: +30 210 36 12 050




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