14th Athens Digital Arts Festival | Singularity Now

May 24, 2018 @ 3:00 pm – May 27, 2018 @ 11:00 pm
Athens Digital Arts Festival
Athens Concert Hall
Vas. Sofias Ave. & Kokkali St.
Athens Digital Arts Festival
210 3230005

 14th Athens Digital Arts Festival

Singularity Now


KROMA/athens digital arts festival


Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF), the Greek representative in the international digital arts scene, invites tou at its 14th edition that will take place from 24 to 27 of May. ADAF 2018 will take place at Megaron – The Athens Concert Hall, with the collaboration of the Bridges Cycle.

Moreover, ADAF 2018 organizes parallel activities at public spaces, such as Syntagma Square and the International Airport of Athens “El. Venizelos”.

Under the thematic, Singularity Now, ADAF 2018 explores the unknown future of the upcoming Technological Apocalypse through art, science and technology. Singularity is a notion that has different definitions in the various fields of science. It is the tendency toward infinity, the core of a black hole, the zero point of space and time. It is a scenario where artificial intelligence surpasses humanity, the technological boom becomes infinite and the outcome is unpredictable.

Would you dance with an exoskeleton? Would you meditate through social media? Would you travel to other universes?





More than 300 artists from 50 countries will present their artworks through an impressive and manifold program that consists of interactive audiovisual installations, audiovisual performances, web art powered by Cosmote Fiber, digital image, video art and animation screenings, participatory workshops and talks. Moreover, ADAF will present international festival from all over the world, such as Animafest Zagreb (Croatia), Festival Internacional de la Imagen (Colombia), KIKK Festival (Belgium), Osmosis Audiovisual Media Festival (Taiwan), Mirage Festival(France) and more. Each year ADAF forms collaborations with international media and institutions for digital arts and honorary presents the video art compilation “TECH BREAK”, in collaboration with the international digital platform The PhotoPhore. In the framework of its collaboration with artistic community Sedition Art, ADAF will present a video art screening, bringing the audience one step closer to digital arts.


KROMA/14. Seismic Precussion Moon Ribas

Seismic Precussion Moon Ribas


From 24 to 27 of May, the Festival will present to the visitors of Megaron – The Athens Concert Hall immersive, interactive installations, taking them to a trip to the mysterious worlds of space and new technologies. With the robotic installation Inferno by Louis-Philippe Demers and Bill Vorn we will dance with exoskeletons, and with Arabesque by Peter William Holden we will take a taste from the East and we will travel to the magic future. In addition, the VR artwork Fight by Memo Akten, will make us challenge reality, a reminder that vision (and perception in general) is an active process guided by our drives, aspirations and intentions.

The program of the audiovisual performances includes the new artwork “Τsoclis, Ourselves, 2018″ by the internationally renowned pioneer of contemporary art in “Living Painting” Costas TsoclisDökk in which fuse* will take us to digital landscapes where the perception of space and time is amended. Hakanaï from the world-renowned contemporary artists and choreographers Adrien M and Claire B that exceeds the boundaries of art, imagination and the real world, while NONOTAK will present their new audiovisual performance, ShiroAlexis Langevin-Tétrault will create an industrial noise and electronica universe with InterférencesPandelis Diamantides will show his new project, Go Back to Hiding in the Shadows, and Claudia Robles Angel the interactive brainwave performance, Mindscapes. Finally, the program includes Stelios Manoussakis with Hertzian Field # 2Tardej Drolic with Capillaries Capillaries and the well-known duo Evelina Dormnich-Dmitry Gelfandwith Force Field.


KROMA/12. Nature Abstraction Matteo Zamagni

Nature Abstraction Matteo Zamagni


Creative Directors:

Ilias Chatzichristodoulou | Founder & Director
Elli-Anna Peristeraki | Festival Curator
Eirini Olympiou | Video Art Curator
Donatela Nika | Animation & VR Curator
Christiana Kazakou | Workshops & Talks Curator


General Info:

Opening: 24 /o5/2018

Duration: 24/05/2018 – 27/052018

Exhibition Opening Hours:

Admission: Free

** The number of seats for the performances is limited, therefore visitors will be served with tickets precedence. Book your free ticket at Viva.gr

Facebook event

The full program of ADAF 2018 



 14th Athens Digital Arts Festival | Singularity Now

Address: Athens Concert Hall,Vas. Sofias Ave. & Kokkali St.

Tel.: 210 3230005




Media Sponsor: KROMA Magazine

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