Don’t Kill Bambi: The Studio 54 phenomenon repositioned at times of crisis

resized-versaweiss-nothing-would-be-the-same-anymoreTwo cities. Two different time periods. An identical economic crisis. A common narrative: New York in the 1970s, Athens in the last seven years.

The artistic duo Versaweiss (GR) – Dimitris Mpampoulis and Thanos Klonaris, borrowing archival, photographic material from Studio 54 through the Internet, examines the political and social aspects of the cohabitation of these artificial crisis prototypes, as they were normatively created by a despairing middle class and its abusers.

Cameo participations: Dimitris Antonitsis (GR), Theo-Mass Lexileictous (CY).

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Exhibition’s duration: 27 June – 28 July 2016

Bios Tesla

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