Mariva Zacharof / The Tree and the River @ Lefas Municipal Gallery
Feb 1 @ 10:00 am – Apr 6 @ 6:00 pm


The Tree and the River


KROMA/ The Tree and the River


In February, the Municipal Art Gallery Lefa in Psychiko presents the photographic work of the contemporary Greek artist entitled ” The Tree and the River”. Mariva Zacharof from 25 December 2016 until March 1, 2017 was in Bangladesh where she initially participated to an international Art Camp in the provincial town of Kushtia and then she conducted painting workshops with children living on the poverty line in her province Paril Nawada. Her camera was a means of recording a harsh reality, but also of the complex and yet simple work she produced through the community on the occasion of children’s art workshops and the creative and transcendent imagination of children.

This exhibition is divided into four sub-sections depending on the themes : child labor, environmental pollution, water and education, and the right to education. The photos are colored; they have not been subjected to any manipulation that alters their character while they are presented as symmetrical and asymmetrical installations in space in orientation to the work of Piet Mondrian and his reference to theosophy.

The Tree and the River are the two main transcendental symbols around which this work was created to highlight the truth, awaken, shake, and lead the public into conscious action around universal and pan human issues regarding the quality of life and development of the human from his/her childhood. The photographs on “The River” were taken in January 2017 on the Sadarghat River, part of Puran Dhaka (Old City). The river divides the old town into two parts and the residents cross it daily by manually operated boats while it has many branches leading to the Suburbans tropical forests inhabited by the famous Bengal Tiger and Calcutta of India.

It is a commercial hub and is transported daily from one bank to the other commodities but also a human work force. Water pollution rates are enormous and water is now used by toxic experts. Multinational companies and various factories pour out their waste water uncontrollably, resulting in an increased environmental problem. Although Bangladesh has too many rivers, there is a huge problem with water, which everyone must filter from a machine that keeps them in their house before drinking.

Also in many areas of Bangladesh there are enormous amounts of arsenic in the water, making it impossible to drink, so residents of these areas are forced to abandon them. The multi faceted photographic part of the exhibition depicts life in the provinces and was mainly taken in Hindu villages with people living below the poverty line. Despite the bad situation, they are developing a system of social solidarity that we have not been able to develop. Their villages and communities with their houses are geographically divided according to the religion of the inhabitants. Hindus and Muslims coexist harmoniously and meet under great pro-aged trees to exchange their news and help each other.

“The Tree”, which has a purely symbolic and religious character as it is the subject of an animistic worship, becomes a source of life and literally and metaphorically connects people. As for education, according to the teachers, many children due to fatigue are unable to finish the Primary Education as they work from the age of 5 and 7 for 12 hours a day. Some enter to the University but are much less compared to those starting at primary school. The state gives parents 100 BDT (1,20 Euro) per month for each child and one meal for children to go to school. We invite you to an exhibition on the harsh reality that we have to face as children are the future of every place and they show us the way.

The exhibition will frame a free educational program open to all schools in Primary and Secondary Education. The program is organized by the “Filothei – Psychiko Municipal Public Benefit Company”.

Curator: Eliza Gerolymatou, Art Historian – Museologist.

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Opening: 01/02/2018 at 10:00

Duration: 06/04/2018 at 18:00

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