Traces Group Exhibition at Ersi Gallery @ Ersi Gallery
Nov 20 2019 @ 7:30 pm – Jan 10 2020 @ 8:30 pm


Group Exhibition

Painting, Sculpture

George Lazongas, George Lappas, Constantin Xenakis, Dimitris Chiotopoulos


KROMA / Traces / Ersi Gallery

George Lazongas / Traces / Ersi Gallery

The sense of trace emerging from pictures and the materiality of trace coming out of sculptural forms is the basic conversation web between the artworks of George Lazongas, George Lappas, Constantin Xenakis, and Dimitris Chiotopoulos.

On the one hand, painting being gestural and instinctive, determined and intellectual captures in a direct way the world of sentiments and the perceptions of philosophical concepts, like time.  Painting embraces the use of materials, techniques and methods that explore contemporary ways of capturing based on the personal experience of each one.

On the other hand, sculpture generates traces or footprints on steady axes or axes out of natural limits, using materials like iron, fabric, color, and transmuting them to terms like life, time or death. Eventually, each one’s writing, as artistic methodology or as language, is captured giving emphasis to the materiality of trace.

According to George Lazongas “…traces have the features of a dormant materiality and imply the object that reproduces them.”

Kalia Aidini            


Opening: November 20, 2019  at 7:30pm

Duration of Exhibition:  November 20, 2019 – January 10,  2020       

Gallery Ersi

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