Polis – Civilization, Private – Public space @ Ersi Gallery
Jun 18 @ 12:00 pm – Sep 12 @ 2:30 pm

Polis – Civilization, Private – Public  space

“Civilizationisthederivative (product) of the city, the style of individual and collective life, which emerges when collectivity succeeds in operating as a polis. The historical event as well as the meaning of polis wascreated by Ancient Greeks. It was created by their need, not just by their thought.

Poliswasneither an ephemeral creation of the Greeks’ common need that happened once nor afixed, established achievement. Itwasthedesideratum(the aim) of coexistence. With Greek polis, for the first time in history, thefulfilment of verity became theaim-objective-aspiration of collectivity. Verity does not mean correctnessofreasoning, principles or wordings, verity for Greeks was immortality–veritable is whatever does not wear, does not change, does not die.

Is there “anything” immortalinthehorizonofwhat humans may know, a “criterion of verity”? Yes, there is, replied the Greeks through the pen of Heraclitous. However, thereisnot “anything”, there is a way of being immortal – the way of administrating everything.

…So, polis is the daring enterprise-pursuit to make the collective coexistence of humans operate in the immortal way, the cosmic propriety way. Theaccomplishmentofthisgoalconstitutes the immortal and non-perishable beauty created by the people of polis;an achievement of existence “according to verity”. The enterprise of verity, as a result of polis, is called civilization.

…True creators in the field of Letters and Arts know that the endowment that has been given to them gives meaning to their existence.” *

     *excerpt from the article of Christos Yannaras//Kathimerini Newspaper, 17/05/2020

Based on the article of Christos Yannaras, I embrace the literalness of the article regarding the ideal city and the product of the city which is civilization produced by true creators. Amid a time when collectivity is affected, this exhibition aims to enable the collective coexistence of humans in the immortal way.



Will be presented artworks of:S. Vassiliou,Κ. Grammatopoulos, Ch. Sgouromiti,Ν.Kalafatis, Ν. Kaskouras, Ν. Kessanlis, G. Lazongas, G. Lappas, Th. Manolidis, Τ. Marthas, Y. Migadis,Κ. Xenakis, S. Politi,P. Tatsiopoulos, A. Tsirogiannis, Thrafia, Μ. Fournaris, D. Chiotopoulos, Ν.Houtos.

General Info

Opening: Thursday June 18 , 2020 at 12:00

Duration: June 18 –  September 12, 2020

Operating hours: Monday – Friday 11:00am – 2:30pm & 5:30pm – 8:30pm,

Saturday 11:00am – 2:30pm

Ersi Galley

Address: 4 Kleomenous Street, Athens, Greece

Tel: +30 2107220231



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S (tr) ay a little prayer for me @ FOUNDATION OF VISUAL ARTS TSICHRITZI
Jun 25 @ 12:00 pm – Jul 25 @ 9:00 pm

S (tr) ay a little prayer for me

KROMA / Aristidis Chrisanthopoulos, 50x40cm

Aristidis Chrisanthopoulos, Love wasn’t late for a day, 50x40cm

A total of 31 contemporary artists are presenting paintings, sculptures and photographs, which refer to the life of strays, the difficulties and dangers, plus the transformation of strays when they find affection, care and love. The exhibition’s message can be taken further, by focusing also on the destruction of the environment as a whole, which is the natural habitat of many animals.

The consequences of human intervention and indifference condemns many animals to be exposed to a stray and wandering life within their home which is Nature.
What is taken for granted is the selfless love of an animal for man, which is also a manifestation of its very nature, when man approaches Nature with respect in general.

KROMA / Georgio Babili, Tears of confinement, 100x70cm

Georgio Babili, Tears of confinement, 100x70cm

Art historian and curator of the exhibition Olga Latousaki points out in her text:

“In an economic and humanitarian crisis, in a society in which development is slow paced, one of the side effects is the frightening increase of stray animals on the streets of Greece. This effect shouldn’t be considered as collateral in any case. It is no coincidence, after all, that one of the key features of an orderly modern society is the sensitivity and correct behaviour towards animals, and in particular towards its strays.
Most people are shocked to see neglected, sick and abused stray animals, but forget to associate these images with their own actions. Humans in most cases can be the creator of the problem, but at the same time they are also the ones who can reverse it.
Parents, together with teachers, must help children to assimilate the right attitude towards animals. We seem to forget that a child’s “innocent game” of teasing an animal at an early age can easily turn into the attitude of an adult which will not hesitate to abuse an animal.
So let’s not confine our tenderness and affection to our social environment and loved ones. It is certain that a stray dog ​​or a kitten that we found abandoned, will return to us tenfold the love and attention we will give it.
Let a beautiful visit to our exhibition be the occasion for families and schools to combine the love for our four-legged friends with the value of art, that has been so underestimated in today’s Greece. ”

KROMA / Cécile Balthazard, Amis pour la vie, 90x60cm

Cécile Balthazard, Amis pour la vie, 90x60cm

The exhibition is curated by the art historian Olga Latousaki, while Dimitris Lazarou is responsible for the concept, organization and communication of the exhibition.

The exhibition is presented in the emblematic environment of the Tsichritzis Foundation for the Visual Arts, 18 Kassaveti St, in Kifissia. The Foundation’s interior and exterior spaces help not only to portray the message of the exhibition but also to properly maintain the safety rules governing cultural events during this period.

Participating artists:

Anna Patrou, Cécile Balthazard, Georgio Babili, Elena Arsenidou, Thodoris Arfanis, Daphne Votanopoulou, Froso Vizovitou, Vivian Zotali, Elena Kalapothakou, Iakovos Kollaros, Giannis Korbos, Anna Kounadi, Niki Kiriaki, Efi Manou, Liza Vasilatou Merlin, Stavroula Mitzifiri MiSt, Ioanna Michopoulou, Valantia Moraitaki, Olga Xythali, Popi Palatianou, Marietta Papageorgiou, Angeliki Papakonstantinou, Chryssa Papachatzaki, Vicky Sarri, Panagiotis Sarris, Stella Sevastopoulou, Maria Stamati, Margarita Taliadorou, Eleni Tsotsorou, Olga Aikaterini Tsouri, Aristidis Chrysanthopoulos

KROMA / Aggeliki Papakonstantinou, Look at me, 70x50cm

Aggeliki Papakonstantinou, Look at me, 70x50cm

The health protocol is observed during the exhibition and opening.


Concept – Organization – Contact: Dimitris Lazarou – email: //

Curator: Olga Latousaki

Translations into English: Maria Syrri & Stella Sevastopoulou

Creative – Editing of publications: Sofia Papadopoulou

We thank the artist Stavroula Mitzifiri – Mist for her valuable help in designing the poster and the electronic invitation of the exhibition.

Opening: Wednesday, July 1, 2020 from 12:00 to 21:00

Exhibition duration: June 25 to July 25, 2020

The exhibition will be presented online through the websites  and the expatriate website  in 156 countries around the world and based on an average of 11,000 online visits per day.

Facebook link:

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KROMA / Niki Kyriaki, Home 1, Μικτή τεχνική

Niki Kyriaki, Home 1

KROMA / Olga Xithali, Save the planet, 80x80cm

Olga Xithali, Save the planet, 80x80cmmde

KROMA / Elena Kalapothakou, Scream, 80x60cm

Elena Kalapothakou, Scream, 80x60cm

Summer breeze @
Jun 30 @ 2:00 pm – Sep 26 @ 7:00 pm

Summer breeze

KROMA / Summer breeze /

KROMA / Summer breeze / / Miltos Michailidis

Summer 2020 is already here along with the heat and the indolence. We are daydreaming, while our mind is traveling to summer destinations, thinking of the sun and the sea!

In this spirit we have created a pot-pourri exhibition of works where light, sun, colors, playing, the sea, the aura of carelessness dominate. Works in various different mediums, such as wood, sand, tempera, metal, prints, oils. 

KROMA / Summer breeze /

KROMA / Summer breeze / / Mantalina Psoma / the house opposite, 150x170cm, 2002

This Summer breeze will present artworks by:

Nikos Alexiou, Nikos Arvanitis, Christos Athanassiadis, Valerios Caloutsis, Vlassis Caniaris, Manolis Charos, Bia Davou, Yannis Gaïtis, Michalis Kallimopoulos, Nikos Kessanlis, Haris Lambert, Yannis Maltezos, Miltos Michailidis, Leda Papaconstantinou, Mantalina Psoma, Alexandros Psychoulis, Stefania Strouza.


Exhibition opens on Tuesday 30/06/2020

with extended opening hours 2:00 – 9:00 pm.

Exhibition duration: through 24/07/2020 & 02-26/09/2020

The gallery will be open on Wednesday – Thursday – Friday, 2:00 – 7:00 pm.

And will be closed for summer holidays on the dates 25/07 – 02/09

20 Aristofanous str., Psyrri, 105 54 Athens / tel. 210 3214 994

Following the instructions of the health authorities and with priority given to the public health and the safety of all of us, up to 17 people will be able to attend the gallery at the same time.

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KROMA / Summer breeze /

KROMA / Summer breeze / / Michalis Kallimopoulos / Cars, 2019, 22x37cm

KROMA / Summer breeze /

KROMA / Summer breeze / / Valerios Caloutsis -Transformations 1973 mixed media 118×73 cm