KROMA / Digital Media Awards 2017

Digital Media Award 2017 for KROMA Magazine!

We did it again!   This is the third DIME award in a row for KROMA. Even though KROMA is an artistic based magazine, it is certainly no surprise that we have been able to rise to the top in the Appstore Art Magazines category. What makes us most proud is that we were able[…]

KROMA no1 in AppStore

KROMA Magazine is Number One!

  KROMA has become one of the premier sources for art related articles and information on the field. There are many magazines that can claim this as fact, but it takes a special type of magazine to be ranked as number one in the Appstore charts. We are number one in a variety of countries[…]

Cacao Rocks

Cacao Rocks aka IASON, is an artist who lives and works in Greece. He’s active in the street art scene and working on performances in public spaces, sculpting, painting and video art. Download KROMA magazine for more. Available for IOS & Android Artists Website: Flickr & Cacao Rocks Blogspot


I was making paper dresses for my dolls.I start environment architecture and graphic design in AKTO Art & Design and continued as fashion design. Alongside with her studies, she concerned herself with styling. Download KROMA magazine for more. Available for: IOS & Android Artists Website: Euangelia

Katerina Chadoulou

Katerina Chadoulou was born (not that long ago) in Naples/Italy, she wants to live in London but she is currently stuck in Athens/Greece. In 2006 she graduated with an honours degree from the Athens School of Fine Arts and as a genuine book lover she continued her studies in the Graphic Design-Typography and Book Arts[…]

Billy Gee

Street cultures got his attention. His decision to join the graffiti and skateboard communities lead him to different awards and personal satisfaction and growth in both cultures. Download KROMA magazine for more. Available for iOS & Android Artist Website: billygee

Konstantinos Papamichalopoulos

Studied painting and printmaking in the Athens School of Fine Arts with professors Rena Papaspirou and Michalis Arfaras respectively.In 2014 he obtained his MFA degree in the Digital Arts postgraduate program of the Athens School of Fine Arts. Download KROMA magazine for more. Available for iOS & Android Artist Websites: behance   about me  tumblr  whiteislandworks