KROMA-Cinematek-Abebe Bikila


Cinematek The Melting World Cinematek magazine was first published in December 2018 and put Athens back on the international map of film magazines. It is distributed every month for free in the cinemas of Athens and Thessaloniki, as well as selected cultural venues, while it is sent free of charge to its subscribers. It is published[…]

Artistic Exploits

Artistic Exploits A novel initiative from Cyprus for Artist Artistic Exploits, in an effort to change the industry norms, announces the creation and launch of a differentiated platform for the support of the artist. Life without art would be unbearable so if not now, when is the time to support the artists?   Artistic Exploits[…]

Art Athina Virtual – Talks & Performances – Marina Fokidis Interview

Art Athina Virtual – Talks & Performances Marina Fokidis Interview   We are in the middle of autumn 2020, the second wave of COVID-19 is upon the world and plenty of fairs and festivals have been cancelled, hoping 2021 is going to be a brighter year for all of us. While there have been some[…]

Nordic Urban Lab / KROMA

Nordic Urban Lab

Nordic Urban Lab 9-11 October 2020 / Studio Athens An online two – day Greek -Nordic dialogue on culture and cities followed by a one day of on line commentaries from Athens neighbourhoods. The Nordic Urban Lab is an independent forum for interdisciplinary perspectives around the issues of developing a more human and culturally rooted[…]


Tο Serious Game του Small Buddies! 

Tο Serious Game του Small Buddies! Ενδιαφέρεστε να μάθετε για τους στόχους βιώσιμης ανάπτυξης, έναν όρο που ακούγεται όλο και πιο συχνά σήμερα; Είστε στέλεχος εταιρείας που θέλει να προσφέρει στο προσωπικό της, στην κοινωνία ή στο περιβάλλον; Αναζητάτε πώς να συνδυάσετε τη μάθηση με τη ψυχαγωγία και παράλληλα να αποκτήσετε κοινωνική και περιβαλλοντική κουλτούρα;[…]

KROMA / Horizon Line Sessions

Horizon Line Sessions | Where the sky meets the land

When does the creative process begin and what signifies its end? What is the artistic process of each artist? Through the reveal and presentation of selected artworks from their creator himself/herself, in the form of video, we are provided with an insight into art-making, which brings the public and the artist closer. The Greek and foreign[…]

KROMA Magazine no.11 #StayHome Issue

KROMA Magazine 11 #StayHome Issue

KROMA 11/Spring ’20 🔻 Welcome to our #️⃣ Stay Home Issue 🏠 🎙️ 10 + 1 Exclusive Interviews from artists who were featured in KROMA Magazine’s covers speak about their lockdown.  Achilleas Pistonis, Sotiris Fokeas, Maria Karahaliou, Rtmone, Dimitris Pantazis, Evripidis Papadopetrakis, Ageliki Bobori, Giorgos Chatzigeorgiou, Stella Kapezanou, Constantine Vraziotis. We asked them if fear can inspire art. On being alone with[…]

KROMA - Digital Culture

15 million euros to strengthen Greece’s Modern Culture due to the effects of the health crisis

15 million euros to strengthen Greece’s Modern Culture due to the effects of the health crisis. The Ministry of Culture and Sports dispenses 15 million euros to stimulate and enhance the resilience of Modern Culture and its creators with a comprehensive Plan of Development Measures and New Actions.   The cultural and creative sector employs[…]