Vassilis Karakatsanis “3 Sections 2011 – 2016” @ Αlma Gallery

Solo Exhibition Vassilis Karakatsanis “3 Sections 2011 – 2016” From the 7th October until the 9th November 2016, Alma Contemporary Art Gallery in Trikala will be hosting the solo exhibition of the painter Vasilis Karakatsanis. The exhibition is titled “3 sections 2011-2016” and is the visual record of the last five years of the artist[…]

Nikos Moschos and his “Inevitable Human Nature” @SWAB Art Fair 2016, Barcelona

Nikos Moschos presents his art at Swab Art Fair 2016 for the second time in the last three years. The young painter already has a very good performance in solo and group exhibitions in New York, Istanbul, Beijing, Brussels, and participates at the Spanish organization, with Ena gallery. The fair takes place in Barcelona from September 29th to[…]

Kaplanon Gallery Presents Achilleas Pistonis @Swab Art Fair Barcelona

Achilleas Pistonis’ pictorial language, an idiom produced consciously from the very first steps of his artistic development, is characterized by an almost dogmatic commitment to the endless possibilities of figurative painting, at least in the way the latter has been re-established lately by  the most current efforts of reinterpretation. Indeed, Achilleas Pistonis painting, in the[…]

Thomas Bertolis’ “Benevolnet Animals” @Gallery 7

Gallery 7 presents Thomas Bertolis’ second solo sculpture and drawings exhibition entitled “Βenevolent Animals”. For this exhibition, which includes 40 sculptures, 4 embossings, and many drawings, the artist is inspired by the animal kingdom in the wilderness. He thus presents every kind of any animals from the air, land and sea.   Thomas Bertolis was[…]

Disorder @The Municipal Gallery of Athens

The sixth cycle of Prix Pictet arrived in Athens, Greece. The exhibition features the work of the twelve shortlisted photographers of Prix Pictet Disorder and is at the The Municipal Gallery of Athens.   Winner: Valérie Belin Shortlist: Ilit Azoulay Matthew Brandt Maxim Dondyuk Alixandra Fazzina Ori Gersht John Gossage Pieter Hugo Gideon Mendel Sophie Risterlhueber Brent[…]

Giorgos Tserionis “Fragility” @ Archaeological Museum of Patras

The artist Giorgos Tserionis presents at the Archaeological Museum of Patras, the exhibition entitled “Fragility”, with the support of Achaia’s Ephorate of Antiquities. The artworks presented in the exhibition, ceramic sculptures, digital prints and installations in the space, were created especially for the Archaeological Museum (site specific), so that they can coexist and interact with[…]

Scenes From The Great Golder Room @THE BLENDER GALLERY

H Blender Gallery παρουσιάζει μια σειρά επιλεγμένων έργων του Κωνσταντίνου Παπαμιχαλόπουλου, από το «Μεγάλο Χρυσό Δωμάτιο» και την έκθεση «Τάλως – Απεικονίσεις του Τεχνητού Ανθρώπου», στο lobby του The Westin Athens, στον Αστέρα Βουλιαγμένης. Ο Κωνσταντίνος Παπαμιχαλόπουλος (γεν. 1975) σπούδασε ζωγραφική στην Ανωτάτη Σχολή Καλών Τεχνών με τη Ρένα Παπασπύρου και χαρακτική με το Μιχάλη[…]