Ceramics from China @Benaki Museum

For the first time, after 35 years, the Benaki Museum presents a collection of masterpieces from the unique collection of Chinese ceramics. It is an exhibition of rare works donated by Georgios Eumorfopoulos, a collection of great historical significance that was given to the Benaki Museum from the first years of its operation in the[…]

Athena Katsoulieri

Everything started when I was studying Interior Design in college. I had a mini camera in my bag in order to capture design around me as part of my education. Download KROMA magazine for more. Available for: IOS & Android Artist Facebook Website: AthenaKatsoulieri Artist Instagram: Athena.Katsoulieri_Photography  

Michael Arfaras presents the Modern Printmaking Art in Athens @Herakleidon Museum

Dedicated to the contemporary printmaking creation, the team exhibition Contemporary Printmaking Art from Athens takes place in collaboration with the Athens School of Fine Arts at the branch of the Herakleidon Art Museum. The exhibition is curated by Michael Arfaras, director of the Department of Printmaking at the Athens School of Fine Arts: The exhibition[…]

Italian Engravers at the Vaso Katraki Art Canter @Aitoliko

The Engravings Art Center – Vaso Katraki Museum in Aetoliko, opens its doors to welcome the exhibition Italian artists of ’70 – ’80. Engraving compositions are presented –mainly copperplates- from the decades of 1970 and 1980, by major Italian artists from the archive collection of the Athens Engraving Arts Center Pandolfini & Siaterli. The works[…]

Alexia Spanoudaki

Alexia was born in Athens in 1975. Even though she studied Architecture (National Technical University of Athens), she often prefers to let go of the third dimension and create two-dimensional art. Her paintings have been presented in three solo and several group exhibitions. Download KROMA magazine for more. Available for: IOS & Android Artist Facebook Website: Alexia Spanoudaki

Alexandra Tiligadi

Alexandra Tiligadi was born in Patras in 1990. She is an aspiring young architect and digital artist, currently living and working in Patras. In November 2015 she started her exploration through a particular style of digital visualization. Download KROMA magazine for more. Available for: IOS & Android Artist Facebook Website: Gk Collage

Aggelos Barai

Aggelos Barai was born in 1994 in Albania, however, he moved to Greece with his family at a very young age. After winning the National Photography Competition, he got a scholarship for studying History and Philosophy of Art and Photomedia at the department of Fine Arts at Borgias Fine Art & Design Academy. Download KROMA[…]