Gallery EXIT announces the first solo show of Christina Tsevis

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Gallery EXIT announces the first solo show of Christina Tsevis (Crosti)

on Friday, April 22, 2016, 07:00pm at Evmorfopoulou 6, 10553 Psirri.

It’s obvious that she uses her art as soul therapy, as deliverance, trying to express her inner soul…but she happens to express many others’ as well, maybe a large part of the greek millennials. Her urban landscapes determine the internal activity of her romantic images. Christina Tsevis was born in Athens in 1983. She’s been drawing since she was a small child, at first making comic books for her friends, trying to follow in her brother’s footsteps. Subsequently she evolved to one of the most sensitive and recognized illustrators in Athens, with a very strong presence abroad as well. She studied at Akto where she graduated in 2006 (Bachelor of Arts Middlesex University) lucky to have professors such as Pandelis Handris, Manos Doukas, Dimitra Alevizou, Manos Stefanidis and her brother Charis Tsevis. She has worked for publishing houses and since 2009 works as a freelance illustrator, mostly in the music and children’s book industry. She has illustrated books in the U.S.A. and she has collaborated with many musical bands like Morphine. By posting her work online she has created a global fan base that follows her every footstep. She loves music, traveling and Chloe her dog!

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